According to social media, April 21 is known as National Tea Day and we are excited! Tea-time in the Caribbean has evolved with some countries boasting tea-shops and many hotels and resorts serving afternoon tea. Most Caribbean nationals would remember tea as being a cure all for everything. Got an upset stomach or a headache? Brew up a cup of mint bush. Coming down with a high fever? Lemon grass (fever grass) was the answer. So what kind of cuppa does a Caribbean gal brew up when she needs a tea-time break? Get that teapot ready! Here are five Caribbean novelty teas that you should try today.


Twigs Naturals– Trinidad and Tobago

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, try to choose from Twigs Naturals selection of teas is like walking into your granny’s kitchen and sifting through her basked of dried teas and spices. With flavors like Bamboo, Moringa, dried ginger and Lemongrass, there is literally a cup for everyone to choose from. Connect with Twigs Naturals on Facebook and Instagram.



Taste Tea Naturals– Antigua & Barbuda

Based in Antigua and Barbuda, Taste Tea Naturals produces fruit and herbal teas with a Caribbean Twist. With bold and exotic flavors, Taste Tea Naturals encourages you to taste the islands currently carrying four island flavor profiles: taste Antigua, taste Jamaica, taste St. Vincent and taste Trinidad. With yummy sounding flavors like orange cocoa spice, coconut rum pimento and pineapple ginger twist, we can’t wait to get our hands on these. Connect with Taste Tea Naturals on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Image via Taste Tea Naturals Facebook Page



Tasty Teas– The Bahamas

Tasty Teas specializes in filtered tea bags, whole-leaf teas, and iced teas utilizing locally grown ingredients along with fresh fruit and natural sweeteners. Get in touch with Tasty Teas via Facebook and Instagram

Location: #21 Delancey Street, Downtown Nassau

Tel: 1 (242) 322-2222 


Image taken from Tasty Tea’s Facebook Page


A Life Balanced– Trinidad and Tobago

A Life Balanced is a USA based Holistic Health Coach providing Nutrition Consulting as well as producing Botanical Beauty & Wellness Products. They have added teas to their line of products and we have been intrigued by their sorrel infusion tea since they started showcasing it on social media. Definitely worth a try if you’re a Caribbean national in the diaspora with a bit of nostalgia. Get in touch with them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 



Purple Guineapepper Label- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Purple Guineapepper Label boasts delicious herbal teas made in St. Vincent & the Grenadines from the organically grown Guineapepper plants and other local flavors including Guineapepper with Lemon Grass, Mint and sour-sop. Get in touch with them via facebook or call 1 784-530-8240. 



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