For over 40 years, the banana industry was the basis of the economy for St. Lucia and the rest of the Windward Islands . Bananas contributed to over 7% of the GDP. Rural communities thrived and unemployment was low, which led bananas to be called “Green Gold”. St. Lucian Fashion House Meme Bete pays homage to this era by drawing inspiration from the influence of St. Lucia’s strong agricultural history, with the launch of the Green Gold Collection for Summer 2017. You can keep in touch with Meme Bete on Facebook and Instagram


Green Gold Wrist-lets



Green Gold Signature Clutch




Cross body Back-pack


The “Mother Nature” Tote


Barrel Clutch


Asymmetrical Clutch





Team work makes the dream work

Photographer: Kareem Stanley 
Make up by: Jo Celestin
Model: Dasher Agdomar 
Bag: Meme Bete Bags 
Location: Dennery Banana Plantation, St. Lucia

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