Elephant Disco began in the distant past, in the far flung reach of a subterranean, soul drenched dwelling beneath a health food shop in Stoke Newington. From there, they formed a collective, producing rave bangers with a twist for their select clientele, the chosen ones, the lucky few who had chanced upon Fortune to join in the rapture of free disco, future funk, pan-afro jams and outright psychedelia which has since become the stuff of legend.  In the rougher corners of Dalston and Devon, infinite soirees, everlasting nights of splattering strobes and lasers were befitting this sonic uprising.  At once brash and tender, the energy could not be contained, it was too powerful, the dizzying disco lights were thought to have been snuffed out… until now.

Inspired by the beautiful mountainous island of St Vincent and the Grenadines, black sand beaches, rocky terrain, rolling tides. The video was directed by Eniye on location in her home of SVG. It shows a journey of being washed ashore from the sea on a quest to find Fortune of heart, this quest culminates in a celebration of love and life with friends and family. The True Fortune of Life. 

Fortune is about anticipation, a yearning to be with the one you love the most. Watching the moon and tide cycles change as  a sign of time to inform when love will return, and when it does, the embrace alone feeling like what one would imagine an astronomical journey feeling like. Pure Magic. Fortune is really about what any person holds dearest   to their heart, a love that makes you feel rich, that adds value,  a Fortunate Fortune.

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