These Are The Caribbean Bag Brands Worth Buying

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Whenever your favorite influencer travels to the Caribbean, be prepared to buy the exact bag, from the exact artisan, that she patronizes. The region’s artisans have long been weaving stories into their creations, particularly through the medium of handcrafted bags. These bags are not just accessories; they are symbols of heritage, expressions of identity, and embodiments of the islands’ rich histories and natural beauty.

In this article, we delve into the heart of the Caribbean to showcase the Caribbean Bag Brands You Should Know. Each piece reflects the skill, creativity, and cultural pride of artisan/designer who makes it. From the vibrant streets of Havana to the serene shores of St. Lucia, from the bustling markets of Jamaica to the tranquil landscapes of Dominica, these bags capture the essence of Caribbean life.

So whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a lover of handcrafted goods, or someone seeking a deeper connection to Caribbean culture, these bags will inspire and captivate you. This is our celebration of the finest Caribbean bags—each one a testament to the enduring spirit and timeless creativity of the islands.

Galtigua- Antigua & Barbuda

Tangerine Handmade- Aruba

VYLET- Barbados

Enulu- Barbados

STUFF- Barbados

Something Samarah- Barbados

Olaniyi Luxuries- Barbados

Preta- Barbados

Handmade by Cee- Barbados

CAHLONG- Barbados

KAISO- Barbados

Fabric Twist- Belize

Emilio Perera- Belize

Maya Bags- Belize

Caribe Sol- Costa Rica

House of Yas- Cuba

jBAG- Cuba

Treschic- Dominica

Karibali- Dominica

FIORI- Dominican Republic

Cal & Liv Designs- Guyana

Lovely Joubert- Haiti

Bien Abyé- Haiti

Vavvoune- Haiti

Haiti Design Collective- Haiti

Brandon Blackwood- Jamaica

Roast by Bresheh- Jamaica

QUAINT BY GSC® – Jamaica

Kehs Kenitra- Jamaica

Beenybud- Jamaica

Kalia & Co Designs- Jamaica

‘Lyvelle’ The Brand- St. Kitts and Nevis

Christy Creations Bags- St. Lucia

Memebete- St. Lucia

Illusette Ato- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The Wright Design- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Leading Lady of Destiny- Tortola

Osanie Designs- Trinidad and Tobago

D ‘ P U N C H L I N E- Trinidad and Tobago

Kuttage Accessories- Trinidad and Tobago

TrópicoCanvas- Trinidad and Tobago

Drevait- Trinidad and Tobago

JOVEW- Trinidad and Tobago

The Urban Factory- Trinidad and Tobago

Lend & Borough- Trinidad and Tobago

TJM Designs- Trinidad and Tobago

Sagaboi Official- Trinidad and Tobago

D Benskin Design House- Trinidad and Tobago

KeriBazzeyCouture (KBC)– Trinidad and Tobago

Anibrook- Trinidad and Tobago

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