23 Caribbean-Owned Jewelry Brands You Need To Check Out

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The Caribbean boasts a vibrant tapestry of culture, and within it lies a treasure trove of exquisite jewelry brands crafted by talented artisans. These brands showcase the region’s diversity, weaving stories and traditions into each unique piece. From Jamaica to Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago to Puerto Rico, here are twenty-three Caribbean-owned jewelry brands that epitomize craftsmanship and elegance.

We Dream In Colour (Trinidad & Tobago)

Founded by Jade Gedeon, We Dream in Colour is a Trinidadian-owned, sustainable jewelry line celebrated for its bold hues and unique craftsmanship. Since 2011, Jade and her sister Mika have passionately led the brand, prioritizing quality of life for their team over aggressive growth. Their Salem, MA studio houses an all-women team, assembling each piece using repurposed materials and eco-friendly methods. With over 700 styles, the collection fuses vintage allure, nature-inspired motifs, and glamorous designs. Jade’s global upbringing influences her artful creations, infusing a vibrant blend of cultural influences into every piece, merging organic shapes with playful motifs, ensuring wearers shine with distinctiveness year-round.

Metal x Wire (Jamaica)

Symoné Currie, once an Architectural Engineer turned Jewelry Designer, leads the creative vision at Metal x Wire. Originating from Kingston, Jamaica, her designs reflect a fusion of global experiences across three continents. Rejecting stereotypes, she crafts jewelry as an avenue for authentic self-expression, blending artistic creativity with technical precision in collaboration with skilled artisans in New York City.

Something Samarah (Barbados)

Nestled in Barbados, Something Samarah embodies the art of enhancing daily allure with stunning jewelry. Their core values revolve around the impactful role of accessories. Rejecting the notion of minimalist equals dullness, they champion vibrancy within simplicity. Emphasizing quality, each creation showcases meticulous artistry and timeless elegance.

Earring Envy (Jamaica)

Anyeka Frith, the owner of EARRING ENVY, originates from Jamaica and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her brand draws inspiration from the vibrant essence of St. James, Jamaica, and the spirited vibes of Brooklyn. Anyeka’s mission is to elevate women’s individuality, beauty, and purpose with meticulously designed high-end fashion jewelry, using 18k-24k gold-plated and sterling silver-plated pieces, accented by various stones, gems, and custom-cut cubic zirconia of the highest quality. Her ongoing dedication aims to empower women globally, enabling them to exude confidence and radiance in every environment they inhabit.

Kreyol Soul Pieces (Haiti)

Farah, the founder of Kreyol Soul Pieces, embarked on a self-taught jewelry design journey in 2012. Inspired by embracing her natural hair and seeking confidence through bold earrings, she transitioned from personal crafting to launching an online jewelry business. Paying homage to her Haitian roots, “Kreyol” signifies her heritage passed down by her mother and grandmother. Each meticulously handcrafted piece, by Farah or skilled artisans, radiates timeless beauty and cultural pride—inviting wearers to embrace heritage and craftsmanship for years to come.

Cocoa Vintage Jewelry (Trinidad & Tobago)

Trinidad and Tobago-native Crystal Miller, a seasoned Graphic Designer with a passion for art, unearthed her hidden love for jewelry making, birthing her brand, Cocoa Vintage Jewelry. Her line embodies a fusion of Caribbean inspiration, featuring ceramic, metals, acrylic, leather, and wire. Each piece encapsulates the essence of her island home, reflecting classic ornamental designs drawn from nature’s wonders.

Paper Papayas (Trinidad and Tobago)

The artisan, Shae Rogers, drives Paper Papayas, crafting Caribbean-inspired handmade accessories. As a small Black woman-owned business, her creations reflect the resilience and beauty of her ancestry’s remarkable women. Infusing elements from her ancestral Trinidadian roots, each piece carries profound significance, aiming to empower wearers to embrace their heritage and experience beauty and freedom. Shae’s goal extends beyond creating stunning jewelry; it’s about fostering empowerment, vulnerability, and cultural connection.

Kaj Expressions (Belize)

The passionate artisan behind the jewelry brand, Kaj, embarked on her journey at her kitchen table, juggling motherhood with her craft. Selling her first earrings ignited a fire, leading her to abandon her job for entrepreneurship’s demanding path. Despite challenges, she persisted, aiming for self-sufficiency and empowering women. Her vision evolved, growing from a solo pursuit to a dedicated team of five, crafting exquisite jewelry filled with love. Kaj’s mission endures—to spread the joy of creation and independence through meticulously crafted pieces, all originating from her kitchen table.

AUVERE (Jamaica)

Auvere’s narrative is rooted in love, intertwining the paths of its founders, Gina Love and Steven Feldman. Gina, once a New York City real estate lawyer, harbored a silent passion for design and photography. Revealing her lifelong devotion during a lengthy first date with Steven, she ignited a creative journey that altered her professional course. Despite her career in law, creative expression tugged at her heartstrings. Nights, weekends, and Parsons New School classes honed her skills, birthing Peryton, a luxury leather goods brand. Gina’s revelation as The Photodiarist blog’s enigmatic figure captivated Steven, weaving a story of love and creative destiny.

Maidendenim (Trinidad and Tobago)

Maidendenim, helmed by a Trinidad and Tobago native based in New York, epitomizes purposeful jewelry. Their ethos centers on recycling denim and leather to craft accessories transcending style boundaries. With love, responsibility, and handmade finesse, Maidendenim assures durability through repurposing worn denim and recycled leather while using quality metals like surgical steel, sterling silver, and gold or silver-plated copper, complemented by Swarovski Crystals.

Kassandra Gordon (Jamaica)

Jamaican native, Kassandra Gordon, is an acclaimed multidisciplinary artist celebrated for her diverse passions and a remarkable journey of self-exploration. Her artistry embodies the essence, texture, and narratives of both herself and her community. Beyond creating bold, unapologetic pieces, Kassandra’s creations echo her personal narrative. Her pivotal moment in 2020 sparked a journey where her voice intertwined with her creations, supporting others across various mediums.

Monica Varela Jewelry (Dominican Republic)

Monica Varela, a Dominican Republic designer, defies conventions in jewelry. Influenced by vibrant hues within street wires, her artistry was honed in an artistic upbringing alongside her renowned artist father. Trained at prestigious institutions like IED Milano and L’ecole Van Cleef & Arpels, her brand intertwines anthropology with evolving art, crafting statement pieces spotlighting national gemstones—Larimar, Amber, and Moonstone. Her MVSphere, blending abstract art with anatomical evolution, showcases meticulous craftsmanship and microscopic detailing, contributing to the surge in these gemstones’ popularity. Monica aims to craft timeless pieces that accentuate elegance, meant to transcend generations with enduring allure.

Paola Sighinolifi (Colombia)

Colombian-born, Barcelona-based Paola Sighinolfi is the creative force behind PAOLA SIGHINOLFI JEWELRY. Her lineage, tracing back to renowned sculptor CĂ©sare Sighinolfi, infused her with creativity. Fascinated by Colombian gemstones, she professionalized her hobby by studying gemology and jewelry, refining her craft at Barcelona’s Escuela de Artes y Oficios and collaborating with esteemed brands like Piaget before launching her eponymous line in 2014.

Kolibri Collective (Puerto Rico)

KolibrĂ­ Collective draws inspiration from nature’s allure, modern elegance, and Latin American heritage, aiming to craft timeless yet contemporary pieces. Each design, meticulously handcrafted in their cozy San Juan studio, embodies beauty, strength, and personal expression, offering wearers an explosion of emotions beyond mere adornment. Alexandra SĂĄnchez, Founder and Designer, infuses love into every creation.

Josanne Mark (Trinidad and Tobago)

Josanne views jewelry as an expressive art form, capable of eliciting emotions and sparking reactions. Her creations beautifully intertwine organic and geometric aspects, preserving traditional crafting methods while infusing her distinctive viewpoint. This marriage of techniques births a collection of wearable masterpieces that reflect her artistic perspective.

Jam and Rico (Jamaica and Puerto Rico)

Operating since June 2016, Jam + Rico is a vibrant fashion jewelry brand, offering distinctive and colorful designs. Drawing inspiration from Caribbean nations’ diverse facets—people, culture, music, and landscapes—we craft thoughtful accessories to elevate your fashion ensemble. Our creations aim to bring joy, confidence, and beauty to every wearer. The fusion of “Jam” representing Jamaica and “Rico” symbolizing Puerto Rico encapsulates the brand’s commitment to celebrating the richness and depth of Caribbean culture, encapsulated by the plus sign in Jam + Rico.

Mateo New York (Jamaica)

Jamaica-born Matthew Harris, creator of Mateo New York, discovered his passion for jewelry making in New York City after being self-taught in the craft. Launching in 2009 initially with men’s jewelry, the brand expanded to women’s fine jewelry in 2014, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism inspired by modern art. Mateo New York is now globally acclaimed, featured in prestigious fashion outlets and museums, exemplifying modern, accessible luxury.

Disa Allsopp (London/Barbados)

Hailing from London but raised in Barbados, Disa’s jewelry designs echo the vibrant essence of her beloved island, evident in her vivid gemstone choices. Personally curating each stone—from golden citrines to warm garnets, rubies, sapphires, and morganites—her pieces feature white and colored diamonds on distinctive bands, showcasing contemporary appeal while retaining timeless allure. Disa showcases her creations globally, with stockists across the UK, United States, Japan, and France. Beyond retail and trade shows, she opens the doors to her London Studio for private appointments with discerning clients.

Lorraine West Jewelry (Jamaica)

A devoted wife, mother, and artisan, Lorraine West’s contemporary jewelry mirrors her love for original art. Crafted intuitively, her pieces reflect inner beauty and strength. Rooted in Caribbean influence, her bold-minimalist designs honor her parents’ skills—a baker and a carpenter. Lorraine’s hands mold precious metals, embodying a spiritual journey within each piece, transcending high-end art into high fashion. Adorned by stars like Zendaya and BeyoncĂ©, her jewelry’s excellence captivates everyday admirers. A FIT graduate in Illustration, Lorraine resides in Brooklyn, her creations continuously supported by her family’s love.

Johnny Nelson Jewelry– (London/New York/ St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

Founded in 2017 by Johnny Nelson, Johnny Nelson Jewelry reflects his fusion of fine metals and stones, all meticulously crafted in NYC. His foray into jewelry sparked during a 2014 tour, desiring to look as dynamic as he felt on stage. His unique designs, inspired by punk, hip-hop, and spirituality, create striking conversation starters. Born in England and raised in Brooklyn, Nelson’s influences, including Vivienne Westwood and iconic neighborhood jewelers, shaped his eclectic style.

Amina Sorel (Haiti)

Established in 2018, Amina Sorel Fine Jewelry embodies the synergy between Arts, Culture, and Jewelry. Amina, a New York native and GIA Certified Diamond Expert, crafts pieces designed to evoke creative expression and zest for life. Her global travels fuel her passion, refining skills honed at GIA, FIT, and alongside renowned gemstone experts. Amina Sorel Fine Jewelry aspires to empower wearers, celebrating their individuality and style through inspiring and unique jewelry pieces.

Mckenzie Liautaud Official– (Haiti)

In 2015, McKenzie Liautaud debuted his inaugural jewelry collection, ‘Tribal Disruption,’ exploring the fusion of tribal and Western designs. From NYC roots, the Haitian American designer draws global influences, infusing each creation with diverse inspiration from Dubai to Paris. His acclaimed crystal talismans adorn icons like Lil Nas X, Jessica Alba, and Maluma. Renowned for his diamond-encrusted crystal necklaces launched during the pandemic, Liautaud merges wellness, spirituality, and high fashion. His work champions healing gemstones like Rock Crystal, Amethyst, and Citrine, reflecting his belief in channeling positive energy. Celebrated for ethical craftsmanship, his pieces are available at esteemed retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Mannluu by MoAnA LUU (Martinique)

Established in 2021, MANLUU is an American fashion house founded by MoAnA LUU, a Martinican creator based in New York City. The brand showcases opulent interpretations of Creole culture, gaining rapid fame with its jewelry line donned by celebrities like Cardi B, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mary J. Blige. MANLUU’s debut collection redefines Creole jewelry, honoring French West Indies’ cultural richness. MoAnA’s deep-rooted passion, stemming from her familial jewelry store in Martinique, resonates in her contemporary designs crafted in New York City. The ManLuu collection boasts gender-neutral, playful, stackable pieces, weaving refined gold rattan and oversized beads, all handcrafted by local artisans in 18k gold, vermeil, and sterling silver, inviting the world on an evocative journey through generations of reimagined objets d’art.

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