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These Are the Caribbean Artists That Deserve A Place in Your Art Collection

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In the world of art, the Caribbean stands as a reservoir of extraordinary talent. With a palette filled with vibrant colors and enriched by diverse cultural influences, Caribbean artists contribute a distinctive perspective to the global art scene. Whether you are an experienced art collector or someone seeking to infuse beauty into your living space, discover a curated selection of Caribbean artists whose works deserve a place in your art collection.

1. Lorna Wilson- Barbados

Lorna is an artist capturing life’s essence through paintings. Her art, a reflection of surroundings and emotions, seeks to encapsulate fleeting beauty in everyday moments. Using acrylics and mixed media, she intertwines environmental consciousness with marine themes, recently delving into subtle commentary on societal issues. Lorna’s textured works aim to immerse viewers in the intricate details, inviting them to connect with the creator’s touch.

2. Yah Yah- Trinidad and Tobago

Yah Yah, a self-taught, full-time artist hailing from Trinidad, is renowned for her exceptional skill in portrait artistry. Her YouTube channel showcases captivating outdoor painting expeditions inspired by her travels. Embracing cycling as both a mental health aid and a means of artistic inspiration, she actively engages her audience on Instagram and TikTok.

3. Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné- Trinidad and Tobago

Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné is a poet and artist whose works grace numerous local and international journals, including POETRY Magazine, Poetry London, and The Rialto. Her poetry features in acclaimed anthologies, garnering prestigious awards such as the OCM Bocas Prize for Poetry. Danielle’s art has been exhibited globally, while her illustrations enrich published works like Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure and The Jungle Outside. Currently residing in Sangre Grande with her husband and two sons, Danielle continues to weave her creative tapestry.

4. Pyelila- Haiti

Pyelila, also known as Pierre-Richard Raphael, is a 30-year-old visual artist based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Specializing in illustration, graphic design, and photography, he intertwines Haitian heritage in his art, advocating against social issues. Beginning drawing in preschool, his creations stem from dreams, notably “Marikamèl,” addressing body image decolonization for Haiti Design Co., symbolizing his journey.

5. Alanis Forde- Barbados

Alanis Forde, a contemporary Barbadian artist, specializes in expressionistic realism portraiture using oil paint and collage. A graduate of Barbados Community College with a Studio Art degree, she has exhibited globally, notably in London, New York, Nigeria, Miami, Texas, and Barbados. Beyond art, she’s been a painting tutor and gallery assistant, holding residencies in New York and London. Her work delves into paradisiacal landscapes and explores the idealized Caribbean space, focusing on the black female identity. Through her art, she navigates life’s complexities within a paradisiacal context.

6. SYD the Artiste- Jamaica

Sydonne Warren migrated from Jamaica to Canada at age three, settling in Northeast Calgary. Growing up, she excelled in diverse interests like sports, music, and drawing. Pursuing her artistic passion, she enrolled in Architectural Technology at SAIT, later refining her skills in portraiture. Seeking further growth, she joined Alberta University of the Arts, becoming a recognized muralist in Calgary. In 2021, she established a paint and sip company, emphasizing pop art education. Sydonne remains committed to her art, mentoring emerging talents while aiming to make significant contributions to the artistic realm.

7. Chelsea Grenier- U.S.V.I + Puerto Rico

Residing and riding the waves in Puerto Rico, Chelsea Grenier, a surf instructor and burgeoning artist, originally hails from St. John, US Virgin Islands. As a member of a sister-owned enterprise, she contributes to women’s surf and yoga retreats in Puerto Rico, enhancing surfing abilities and fostering sisterhood through authentic local experiences. Chelsea’s deep affection for the ocean resonates in both her lifestyle and artistic endeavors.

8. Anusha Jiandani- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Anusha Jiandani, a talented illustrator and designer originating from Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, leads the boutique branding and illustration studio, Anusha Jiandani Design Co. Her passion for storytelling is vividly expressed through her whimsical yet bold illustrations, drawing inspiration from the natural world. Renowned for her work that pays homage to the beauty of flora and fauna through vibrant colors and thoughtful composition, Anusha’s creative mission extends beyond aesthetics. As a proud Vincentian native, she actively promotes wildlife and environmental conservation, fostering conversations that challenge the stereotypical perception of the Caribbean as a mere “paradise.” Born and raised on an island, Anusha Jiandani seeks to redefine the narrative surrounding the true essence of island life.

9. Shanice Säde Gervais- Trinidad and Tobago

Shanice Säde Gervais, a versatile artist and dancer, seamlessly intertwines her love for art and dance to drive her creative process. Immersed in the world of colored pencils and watercolors, she crafts intricate, dream-like universes that challenge reality. Shanice’s surrealistic approach invites observers into strange realms, exploring themes of escape and discovery. Portraiture, inspired by her surroundings, plays a significant role in her work, offering unusual outcomes that touch and inspire fellow artists, budding creators, and art enthusiasts alike.

10. Sarama Rolle- Dominica

Sarama Rolle, a dedicated member of the Waitukubuli Artist Association, has immersed herself in the world of visual art for the past four years. Hailing from Dominica, she showcases natural talent in both digital and traditional drawing. Recently triumphing in Republic Bank’s “Art of Banking” competition, her winning digital piece under the theme “The Future: Protected” reflects her love for vibrant nature scenes. Passionate about modern realism using acrylics, Sarama aims to continuously evolve, researching, and improving her artistic understanding and techniques.

11. Brandon K. Best- Barbados

Brandon K. Best, a gifted artist from Barbados, discovered his passion for drawing at the age of 8, influenced by television and animation. His unique painting style, utilizing oil pastels since 2017, reflects his fascination with bizarre characters inspired by his previous roles as a waiter and bartender, along with his love for music. Brandon, working with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and markers on canvas, aspires to redefine art in Barbados with large-scale works. Nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ in 2020 and 2021, his art graces prestigious galleries like On the Wall Gallery and The Tides restaurant & gallery.

12. Tania Marmolejo- Dominican Republic

Nari Ward, originally from Jamaica, is a contemporary artist known for his thought-provoking installations and sculptures. His works often incorporate found objects and materials, creating a powerful commentary on consumerism, race, and identity. Ward’s art challenges viewers to think critically about the world around them, making it a perfect choice for those who want their art to make a statement.

13. Maurice Forde- Barbados

Maurice Forde hails from Barbados and is recognized as an accomplished artist. Among the selected artists commissioned to create murals at a port, he contributes to the vibrant local art scene in Barbados. Despite its modest size, the artistic community is flourishing and marked by intense competition.

14. Nicholas Huggins- Trinidad and Tobago

Nicholas Huggins, a renowned artist and Creative Director hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, serves as the visionary behind Backyard Design Co., an acclaimed, full-service creative agency. Beyond his role at Backyard Design, Huggins is the founder and creative force behind Deftment, a Caribbean lifestyle clothing brand. As an artist, Huggins channels his creativity into capturing the essence of his homeland, focusing on both its constructed and natural landscapes and exploring their harmonious coexistence. His artistic mission revolves around uncovering beauty in often overlooked spaces, offering a visual chronicle of his experiences as a Trinbagonian.

15. Veronica Dorsett- The Bahamas

Veronica Dorsett, a youthful artist from the Bahamas, has delved into diverse mediums, encompassing sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and installations. Her creative expressions draw inspiration from pop culture and contemporary symbolism. In her reflections on the Caribbean Linked II residency program at Ateliers ’89 in Aruba, Dorsett articulates her experiences. She contemplates moments filled with anticipation, describing how the residency elevated her aspirations for advancing her artistic endeavors to new heights.

16. Raymond Sebastien- Martinique

Raymond Sébastien, born in 1985 on Martinique, is an accomplished artist with a diverse background. Inspired by Japanese manga and anime from a young age, he pursued art education at Émile Cohl in Lyon. Influenced by Caribbean, Afro-American, Spanish, and Japanese artists, his graphic style reflects a vibrant mix. Notable for character designs in ‘Les Filles au Chocolat,’ he also contributed to ‘L’Assassin de la République.’ Currently residing in Hamburg and working for Goodgame Studios, Sébastien’s work blends Afro, pop, and fashion influences, showcasing the warmth of his Martinican roots.

17. Gustavo Dominguez- Dominican Republic

Gustavo Dominguez, born in Santo Domingo, underwent artistic education at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (ENBA) from 1986 to 1992. Renowned for his notable piece “Sobre La Mesa,” Dominguez’s artistic portfolio spans diverse media, encompassing painting, sculpture, performance, and other creative forms.

18. Kokab- Jamaica

Kokab Zohoori-Dossa, an illustrator hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and boasts over a decade of professional freelance experience. Her distinctive style is an amalgamation of influences from nature, literature, animation, film, and music. Drawing inspiration from her Jamaican, Persian, and Benin heritage, she has left an artistic imprint on Fleet Street in downtown Kingston, contributing to its transformation. Notably, she has played a significant role in the Paint Jamaica project, utilizing art to revitalize communities, with a video discussing her contributions available on YouTube.

19. Alinda Saintval- Haiti

Alinda Saintval, born on November 20, 1996, in Delray Beach, Florida, is a self-taught artist of Haitian heritage. Raised by a single mother, she began creating art in 2012 and later switched her major to Visual Arts at the University of Florida in 2016. Her vibrant art style focuses on colorful portraits of African American women with patterned head wraps and natural hair. Starting a small business painting backpacks from her dorm, Saintval gained recognition in school newspapers and magazines. Her series “They Let the Wolves Guard the Sheep,” unveiled at the Grassroots Gallery in August 2020, features impactful portraits of nine Black individuals with affirmations of their worth inscribed on their skin, signaling a departure from her traditional realist approach.

20. Sherrill Defoe- Curaçao

Sherrill Defoe, a talented artist originally from Curaçao, founded Defoe Studio, an online shop, after an unexpected return to her childhood passion of painting. While initially studying Law in the Netherlands, Sherrill’s artwork gained significant attention online, leading to the establishment of Defoe Studio. She transitioned from university studies to pursue art full-time, evolving her style from vibrant canvases to sorbet-colored digital illustrations. Her global following is drawn to her resonant themes celebrating women of color, featuring natural hair, melanated skin, and stylish girl squads. Despite the challenges, Sherrill has successfully built Defoe Studio into a thriving business, continuing to create widely appreciated artwork.

21. Kamilah House- The Bahamas

Kamilah O. House, a Bahamian-American attorney and artist based in the Washington, D.C. area, draws inspiration from her diverse background as a “Bahamian/African American diplomat brat.” Informed by her global experiences, she creates impactful art reflecting both her youth’s cultural influences and contemporary politics. Her portfolio includes vibrant abstract pieces and figurative works showcasing resilient faces, primarily those of black women in the diaspora. Employing bold color, patterns, and dynamic brushstrokes, Kamilah uses her mixed-media approach to address social and political issues, intertwining her legal career, passion for current events, international studies, and upbringing as a woman of color.

22. Josefina Garrido- Dominican Republic

Josefina Garrido is a prominent individual in the Dominican Republic, notable for her achievements. Holding a degree in architecture from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), she is not only an accomplished architect but also serves as a cantor for the National Choir and stands out as a distinguished visual artist. Graduating with top honors from the National School of Visual Arts (ENAV) with the First Prize in Painting, her contributions are widely acknowledged in the Dominican art scene.

23. Natasha Gill- Trinidad & Tobago

Natasha Gill, a versatile artist situated in Trinidad and Tobago, is renowned for her expertise in fine art portraiture. Beyond her prowess in painting, she serves as the proprietor and creative mind behind Sundara Artisan Jewelry. Alongside her proficiency in jewelry design, Natasha excels as an oil portrait painter and graphic designer.

24. Melissa Mejia Rizik- Dominican Republic

Melissa Mejía Rizik, a gifted artist born in 1979 from the Dominican Republic, earned honors in Fine Art/Illustration upon graduating from the Altos de Chavon School of Design. Her impressive participation in numerous exhibitions includes the gallery opening at AMhouse in Coral Gables, Miami, FL, and the group shows “Re-Fresh” at Lyle O. Reitzel Art Gallery in Santo Domingo and “22 on tour” at Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, both in 2019. Additionally, her work was showcased at the international art fairs and exhibitions, including “Arteamericas 09” at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Miami, FL in 2009. Melissa is celebrated for her significant contributions to the postwar and contemporary art scene.

25. Rebecca Nigrinis- Colombia

Rebeca Nigrinis, a Colombian artist celebrated for her vibrant paintings featuring bold lines, infuses magic into her artwork with every brushstroke, drawing inspiration from the beauty that surrounds her. Influenced by her experiences in the Middle East, she has crafted several distinctive collections, including the Arabian Village series, blending elements from diverse villages; the Camel series, inspired by the iconic animal of the region; the Omani Doors series, paying tribute to the country’s colorful doors; and the Divas Series, portraying women from various nationalities in vivid hues. Rebeca’s acclaimed work has graced exhibitions in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Oman, both collectively and solo.

26. June Collie- The Bahamas

Born in Nassau, The Bahamas, in 1986, June Collie is a prominent multi-media artist recognized for her boldly sensual female figures, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns. Graduating from The College of the Bahamas under the guidance of John Cox and Sue Bennett Williams, Collie debuted her work in the 2010 exhibition “Colour of Harmony.” Central to her art practice is the human figure, as evidenced in her 2011 solo show “Situations,” featuring four intimate videos portraying children in their daily environment. In 2015, she undertook a challenging commission for Baha Mar, adorning 38 wooden stools with her characteristic depictions of the female figure, exploring themes of family and Black womanhood shaped by her Caribbean upbringing.

27. Lena Del Sol- Puerto Rico

Lena del Sol Langaigne, a Puerto Rican artist, photographer, designer, and cultural storyteller, was born in Toronto in 1978 and later moved to New York City during her teenage years. Following a 15-year career in the city’s non-profit sector, she established “Lena del Sol Fine Art & Décor” in 2014. Lena’s artistic repertoire includes paintings, ceramic pieces, and home décor, all reflecting Puerto Rico’s rich heritage, spiritual customs, and diverse ecosystems. Committed to preserving cultural traditions, she celebrates Afro-Caribbean heritage through fine art and cultural home décor. Influenced by childhood travels across the islands, her vibrant works depict identifiable traditions of the Caribbean African Diaspora. Notably, her mural honoring Hurricane Maria victims received coverage on NBC LA, and her Puerto Rico photography adorns selected Princess Cruise ships.

28. Akilah Watts- Barbados

Akilah Watts, a contemporary artist hailing from Barbados, achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the Barbados Community College (BCC) in 2017. Proficient in various media, including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, and high and low relief paintings, her art explores themes of pop culture, cultural exchange, Barbadian folklore, and traditions, often intertwining play and souvenirs. Currently, she focuses on creating pieces that embody balance, grace, and beauty through hairstyles originating from people of color, addressing issues of race, culture, belonging, and beauty. In 2019, Akilah marked her inaugural solo show, ‘Barbadiana Nostalgia,’ and has showcased her work locally in Barbados and internationally in cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Miami.

29. Natasha Cunningham- Jamaica

Natasha Cunningham, a Jamaican graphic designer and visual artist, boasts a decade-long career in branding, advertising, and print design. Her creation, ‘Route To Roots,’ a digital collage on archival paper, draws inspiration from the contributions of past generations, aiming to ignite discussions about safeguarding, preserving, and sharing the stories that shape our cultural identity and heritage. Recognized for her talent, Cunningham became one of Adobe Creative Cloud’s Global Creators in 2021, catching the attention of Netflix and Amazon Publishing. Notably, her artwork for Photoshop’s 2022 Splash Screen stands out as a career highlight.

30. Tracy Guiteau- Haiti

Tracy Guiteau, a visionary artist, has forged a life guided by her profound passion for creativity. Born to traditional Haitian parents in New York, Tracy courageously followed her artistic calling, defying familial expectations rooted in a nursing career. Enrolling at the Rhode Island School of Design, she delved into fashion design, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Tracy’s global explorations, including studies at the University of Westminster in London, enriched her artistic perspective. Her exceptional talent has been showcased internationally, with notable collaborations, including contributions to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival alongside figures like Naomi Osaka and LeBron James. In a significant moment, Disney recognized her prowess, selecting her for an art exhibition in conjunction with the “Wakanda Forever” Black Panther sequel film.

31. Gherdai Hassell- Bermuda

Gherdai Hassell, a Bermudian artist acclaimed for her mixed media collages, delves into identity through textured layers and vibrant colors. Her creations celebrate the diaspora’s history, exploring themes of representation, perception, identity creation, and childhood. Born in Bermuda, Hassell is currently situated in Manchester, UK. Her impactful work has graced solo and group exhibitions, as well as biennials across various international locations, including Bermuda, the USA, UK, Cuba, Mali, South Africa, and China.

32. Francois Cauvin- Haiti

Francois Cauvin, a Haitian artist raised in a family steeped in artistic, musical, and poetic traditions, is a self-taught creative who began drawing, sculpting, and painting at the age of ten. Residing in Montreal for sixteen years, he translated the images from his dreams onto canvas. Cauvin’s art is distinguished by vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, infusing his paintings with a dynamic sense of energy and movement. His iconic portrayal of Toussaint Louverture, adorned with a guinea fowl hat, graces the cover of Sudhir Hazareesingh’s “Black Spartacus: The Epic Life of Toussaint Louverture.”

33. Kristen Woollery- Trinidad and Tobago

Meet Kristen Woollery, an artist of Trinidadian-American descent using her craft to honor her Afro-Trinidadian heritage. Despite not being formally trained in art, Kristen draws inspiration from her rich history and heritage, letting it be her guide. Woollery’s art, characterized by bold and simple shapes, beautifully celebrates black femininity. Her vibrant color choices reflect the lively spirit of Trinidad, her parents’ homeland, while the patterns and subjects in her work draw inspiration from the masks, body paints, and patterned fabrics found across the African continent.

34. Alice-Anne Augustin- Guadeloupe

Alice-Anne Augustin, a celebrated Guadeloupean artist, shaped her unique and captivating artwork influenced by her upbringing in Guadeloupe and studies at the University of Bordeaux III in Fine Arts. Having also spent years in Canada, she earned degrees in HR Communications and Experimental Media Communications. Augustin’s vibrant pieces, inspired by African masks, body paints, and fabrics, are a powerful celebration of black femininity, employing simple shapes. Her art has graced exhibitions worldwide, from Paris and Canada to Japan, and garnered attention in publications like Guadeloupe la 1ère.

35. Jeena Chatrani- Barbados

Jeena Chatrani, a young Bajan artist, channels her creativity through acrylics, palette knives, and sponges, having painted since 2005 and officially embraced art as a career in 2015. Her works, characterized by vibrant colors and positive energy, often feature nature-inspired themes, focusing on animals like turtles and large cats, as well as flowers. Having raised over $150,000 USD for local charities, Jeena’s accolades include national awards. Notably, her portrait of Barbados National Hero, Garfield Sobers, is housed in the Cricket Legends of Barbados collection.

36. Rachel Furbert- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Rachel Furbert, hailing from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is recognized for her distinctive artworks and murals.

37. Salomie Lawrence- Grenada

Salomie Lawrence, an acclaimed mixed media artist from Grenada, West Indies, crafts emotionally evocative pieces that beckon viewers to embark on a transcendent journey of exploration.

38. Llewellyn Xavier- St. Lucia

Llewellyn Xavier, a Saint Lucian artist renowned for his mixed media and watercolor paintings, emerged from a humble upbringing on the island of Saint Lucia. Departing at 14, he embarked on a global journey in search of self-discovery. Devoted to his wife Christina Xavier, his work has garnered global recognition through exhibitions and numerous awards. Notably, his paintings are enshrined in the permanent collections of esteemed institutions such as The Smithsonian Institution, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Museum of Modern Art.

39. Renske Herder-Bonaire

Renske Herder, a versatile artist and designer from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, engages in various disciplines such as textile design, collage, graphic art, and painting. Her diverse body of work includes figurative and abstract paintings, as well as mixed media artworks. Exhibiting a highly graphic character, her pieces explore the fusion of realistic figures with abstract textile and quilting patterns. Renowned for her stripped-down painting style capturing the essence of the Caribbean, Renske employs photography, collage, and painting across walls, products, and canvases to vividly depict local scenes in Bonaire. Notably, her works grace the permanent collections of prestigious institutions, including The Smithsonian Institution.

40. Stephanie Lue Yen Mahfood- Jamaica

Stephanie Lue Yen, a distinguished Jamaican artist, showcases her talent through acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. Her creations draw inspiration from the region’s flora and the vibrant energy of Caribbean people. Influenced by the brushstrokes of Georgia O’Keeffe and Pablo Picasso, her artworks boast warm and vibrant colors characteristic of the Caribbean palette. Having exhibited in various galleries and international showcases, including the Reggae Mill Bar’s BOLD exhibition, Stephanie Lue Yen’s art captures the essence of the Caribbean with a unique and vibrant flair.

41. Ronald Cyrille- Guadeloupe + Dominica

Ronald CYRILLE, also known as B. BIRD for his muralist prowess, is a Caribbean visual artist deeply influenced by his roots, history, and the vibrant Caribbean universe that surrounds him. Drawing inspiration from this rich cultural tapestry, he fuels his imagination and explores personal obsessions often embedded in his unconscious. Cyrille’s work seamlessly blends figures and elements from both real and imaginary realms, forming a symbolic bestiary with profound meanings. Embracing the “magic-religious” realm of Creole imagery, he transcends conventions, creating a synthesis of tangible geographic realities and a symbolic universe stemming from his imaginative island identity. Originally from Guadeloupe and Dominica, Ronald CYRILLE pursued visual arts at the Caribbean Arts Campus in Fort-de-France, Martinique. His creative philosophy aligns with Jean Dubuffet’s quest for the “unreal” and a hunger for the non-real, encapsulating the essence of his inspired artistic approach.

42. Reyna Noriega- Cuba + The Bahamas

Reyna Noriega proudly embraces her diverse Afro-Caribbean Latina heritage, with Cuban and Afro-Cuban roots from her father’s side and Bahamian and Jamaican ancestry from her mother. This dynamic artist expresses her vision across various mediums, ranging from canvases, textiles, and accessories to building facades and magazine covers. Notably, she recently collaborated with Schick Intuition for Our Heritage Month. Reyna’s vibrant and joyful depictions of marginalized individuals have adorned Science magazine and The New Yorker covers. Specializing in digital art, she portrays faceless Black women in stylish scenes, offering some as exclusive Limited Edition prints. Noriega’s creative focus revolves around women of color and personal reflection, aiming to represent their beauty and vibrance in the world of fine art, providing a sense of representation and inclusion.

43. Réna King- Barbados

Réna King, an artist hailing from Barbados currently based in Long Island, New York, earned a full scholarship to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Drawing inspiration from her Barbadian roots, Réna infuses her work with vivid color palettes and thoughtful design, especially evident in her portrait pieces known for capturing the energy of her subjects. Her art has been showcased in various exhibitions, including the Members’ Gallery at the Barbados Arts Council. Notably, Réna King has crafted a series titled “Black and White Barbados,” aimed at reemphasizing the island’s colonial history.

44. Zen Punnett- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Zen Punnett, a self-taught artist originating from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, finds inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of Caribbean life, weaving her personal experiences, dreams, and profound visions into her art. Raised among fellow women artists, Zen’s work is notably characterized by its energetic, impressionistic, and expressive style.

45. Brianna Mc Carthy- Trinidad and Tobago

Brianna Mc Carthy, a mixed media visual communicator based in Trinidad and Tobago, is a self-taught artist on a mission to spark a fresh discourse around beauty, stereotypes, representation, and the documentation of these processes, especially in our increasingly interconnected digital world. Her artistic expression takes various forms, including masking and performance art, fabric collage, traditional media, and installation pieces. McCarthy’s work serves as a dynamic exploration of these themes, challenging preconceptions and contributing to a nuanced conversation within the artistic landscape.

46. Nneka Jones- Trinidad and Tobago

Nneka Jones, a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, finds joy in working across various mediums, including mixed media, embroidery, textiles, and paint. Her artistic exploration encompasses both large-scale mural creations and smaller, more intimate pieces. Born in Trinidad, Jones is recognized for her thought-provoking artwork, which addresses social and environmental injustices, with a strong emphasis on advocating for the protection of women and girls of color. Jones’s distinctive hand embroidery work has gained notable recognition, featuring in publications such as TIME Magazine, Forbes, Colossal magazine, The Jealous Curator blog, The American Craft Council, Embroidery Mag UK, and Domestika. Her art has found a permanent place in the collections of the City of Tampa, Florida Craft Art Gallery, Ferman Art Center, and Tampa Museum of Art. Continuously expanding her professional practice, Jones is breaking barriers early in her career, serving as an inspiration to other young aspiring artists.

47. Richard Nattoo- Jamaica

Born in 1993 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Richard Nattoo, an acclaimed visual artist, transitioned from studying Architecture at the University of Technology to a full-time artist. Renowned for his surreal, emotive creations primarily in watercolors and pen and ink, Nattoo draws inspiration from natural water sources. His work has graced premier exhibitions at the National Gallery of Jamaica and international shows in the UK and Ireland. Awarded the Prime Minister Youth Award in Arts and Culture in 2020, Nattoo’s piece “Moonlight Meditations of Mama Nanny” was installed at the Institute of Jamaica in 2022, and he secured victory in the International Seabed Authority (ISA) United Nations World Ocean Day 2022 art competition.

48. Yermine Richardson- Dominican Republic

Hailing from the vibrant city of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, Yermine Richardson is a versatile artist whose captivating visual creations reflect a deep appreciation for Caribbean culture. Introduced to art through the resort gift shops where his mother worked, Richardson was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and themes. His work, rooted in Caribbean heritage, explores themes of womanhood, fashion, spirituality, and cosmology. Influenced by a diverse array of sources, from the Hubble telescope to Mexican telenovelas and anime, Richardson’s distinctive style blends tradition and identity in visually striking ways.

49. Kenderson Noray- Trinidad and Tobago

Kenderson Noray, a renowned artist hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, is celebrated for his artwork characterized by a vibrant color palette and minimalist forms. His pieces grace the National Collection of Trinidad and Tobago and adorn private collections across the Caribbean, Canada, the United States, England, and Australia. Noray’s artistic contributions extend to international exhibitions, including showcases at the Sao Paulo Exhibitions and the O.A.S. Exhibition in Washington in 1972. His third exhibition at Horizons Art Gallery, titled “Coloured Earth,” seamlessly fused his evolving interests with the distinctive styles that have endeared him to art collectors.

51. David James- Trinidad and Tobago

David James, also known as “Moko Jumbie,” stands out as a prominent artist hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. His roots in the islands cultivated a profound love for art and Caribbean culture, evident in his latest series that celebrates the sensuality of Black plus-size women. Beyond his artistic pursuits, James is a seasoned entrepreneur, graphic communications professional, author, and designer with over a decade of experience in brand development. He is the proprietor of Mokojumbie Design, a boutique firm specializing in website design, product and image branding, collateral design and printing, along with an array of marketing services.

52. Jonathan Guy-Gladding- USA + St. Lucia

Jonathan Guy-Gladding, known as JAG, is a distinguished Saint Lucian-American visual artist. Formerly a computer artist for Sesame Street, he embarked on his artistic journey during evenings and weekends. Joining the Peace Corps in 1999, he taught woodwork in St. Lucia, drawing inspiration from the island’s culture and community. Gladding’s art, characterized by vibrant portraits and realistic depictions of rural life, communicates emotions and ideas. Influenced by old masters and contemporary realists, his work spans over two decades, supporting social and environmental causes like the global climate justice campaign.

53. Xioneida Ruiz- Panama

Xioneida Ruiz, a self-taught artist, discovered her passion for painting during a night out with friends a few years ago. Realizing that being an artist is an innate calling rather than a learned skill, she has expanded her knowledge through practical experience and continual experimentation. Born and raised in Panamá, she infuses her Afro Latina heritage into her artwork, creating unique and expressive pieces inspired by her global travels. Specializing in acrylics, Ruiz’s vibrant and cheerful paintings span various subjects, capturing the essence of her rich cultural background. Exhibited in numerous Northern California galleries, she currently resides in American Canyon, CA, with her husband, three sons, and two dogs.

54. Domonique Jacobs- The Bahamas

Hailing from New Providence, Bahamas, Dominique Jacobs is an artist celebrated for her captivating 3D art pieces. Drawing inspiration from nature, empowered women, and cosmetology, her mixed-media creations embody the essence of peace and beauty. Jacobs frequently incorporates butterflies into her work, fascinated by their symbolism of love, transformation, and resurrection. Her tropical hometown serves as an ideal backdrop, influencing and providing the perfect setting for the creation of her artwork.

55. Troydel Wallace- Jamaica

Troydel Wallace, a digital and visual artist originally from Jamaica and now based in Toronto, is driven by a profound passion to inspire change and make a positive impact through his unique art style. Dedicated to showcasing the beauty and worth of the African community as a whole, Troydel’s artistic mission aligns with his conviction that he was destined to be an artist. Influenced by Afro Futurism, Afro Punk aesthetics, and his Caribbean heritage, his GOLD-themed art style uses visual metaphors to celebrate the aesthetic richness, culture, and significance of the African people.

56. Karen Caldwell- Barbados

Karen Caldwell, an abstract figurative artist and creative wellness coach hailing from Barbados, is dedicated to enhancing the world’s beauty and bringing art into unconventional spaces. Her paintings, rooted in the African diaspora and guided by a metamodern, feminist perspective, reflect over 20 years of corporate and educational expertise. Offering immersive art experiences globally, Caldwell’s innovative approach fosters mindfulness, self-expression, and joy, unlocking creative potential for individuals and businesses. Through Oya Arts, her Immersive Arts and Wellness company, she passionately brings the transformative power of art to unconventional spaces. Based in Minnesota with her studio in the NKB, Caldwell’s multicultural influences from Barbados and London encapsulate her diverse life experiences. Her work intricately conveys the beauty and complexity of the African diaspora, offering an intimate, empathetic portrayal of experiences and stories with a spiritual recognition of the divine. In contributing to a more inclusive representation of the black experience, Caldwell’s paintings bring a heterogeneous dimension to the artistic landscape.

57. HezronH- Guyana + Turks & Caicos

Blending experiences into a vivid tapestry, Turks and Caicos Islands based artist HezronH, of Indo/Afro Guyanese descent, explores the intricate interplay of insight and emotion. Utilizing acrylic on paper, canvas, and digital painting, his signature style enriches traditional mediums. He believes in unapologetic artistic expression, creating a colorful, emotive experience that resonates on an ethereal level for viewers to enjoy and connect with.

58. 𝐘𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐡 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐨 (Gia)- Cuba

Yidah Exposito, a prominent Cuban artist, showcases her original artwork and videos at the Bitton Art gallery. She has gained recognition for her remarkable talent, particularly in the realm of oil painting.

59. Rahana Dariah- Jamaica + St. Lucia

Based in London, Rahana Dariah is a digital illustrator renowned for her narrative depictions of black and brown individuals, characterized by vibrant colors and intricate world-building. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings and personal relationships, Rahana’s urban illustration style captures the essence of people. Represented globally by Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, she brings a unique perspective to her work.

60. Gihan Batihk- Grenada

Gihan Batihk, an illustrator and animator, hails from the small Island of Grenada in the Eastern Caribbean. Embracing art since third grade, she developed a unique style influenced by her love for Japanese cartoons and comics. Combining Japanese Anime with Caribbean charm, Gihan employs both traditional and digital mediums, using paints, pastels, and pencils alongside digital platforms on her tablet. Her artwork, ranging from vibrant scenery to realistic portraits and surreal cartoons, reflects her serious and focused approach, contrasting with her quiet and relaxed personality. In her spare time, Gihan also indulges in animations and explores new art technologies to stay abreast of evolving artistic media and platforms.

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