29 May 2024

Fifty-two Caribbean-owned Podcasts To Stream Now

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We’ve already established that the Caribbean region is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, vibrant histories, and compelling stories waiting to be explored. Amidst this rich tapestry, there is a plethora of captivating voices echoing through the airwaves, offering insights, entertainment, and knowledge in the form of engaging podcasts. From discussions on cultural heritage to thought-provoking conversations about contemporary issues, Caribbean-owned podcasts resonate with authenticity, creativity, and a unique perspective.

In a world where podcasts have become an essential part of our daily listening habits, these podcasts stand out as must-listen experiences. They span various genres, from storytelling and literature to arts, travel, history, and beyond. Each podcast brings forth its distinctive charm, resonating with listeners wherever they are.

So whether you’re seeking tales of folklore, insights into Caribbean music and the Caribbean lifestyle, or discussions on socio-political issues, these podcasts offer an immersive and enriching listening experience. Join us as we explore fifty-two Caribbean-owned podcasts that deserve a spot on your playlist.

Bite the Bullet St. Lucia & Sint Maarten

Bite the Bullet is a podcast hosted by two Caribbean women, JojoRenée and Hadie Leonie. The podcast aims to create a safe space by being authentic while holding each other and ultimately themselves accountable. The hosts discuss everyday life experiences, hard truths, self-love, and bridging the gap between who we are now and who we want to be

Goodgal Podcast– Jamaica

Renee and Jodi-Ann, recognized as the authentic Jamaican “Good Gals,” convene weekly to delve into discussions about pop culture and current events, offering their distinct perspectives on various topics. Their podcast serves as a haven for listeners to open up about their most personal and challenging life experiences. The hosts, known for their humour, provide feedback that is uplifting and inviting rather than judgmental or pessimistic.

Culture Minds- Barbados

The podcast series “Culture Minds,” based in Barbados, is led by the trio comprising DJ Scott Le Roc, Rebecca Fernandes, and Nadia Brancker. The show delves into a range of prevalent subjects including politics, social trends, and dating matters, offering diverse perspectives and engaging discussions.

The Life of a Makeup Artist by Jaleesa Jaikaran– Trinidad and Tobago

The Life of a Makeup Artist offers an unfiltered glimpse into the world of beauty through a captivating podcast. Delving beyond the surface, the show aims to inspire, educate, and elevate listeners with discussions ranging from beauty insights to business advice from industry insiders and founders. Hosted by Jaleesa Jaikaran, a Caribbean woman navigating life and work in New York City, the podcast invites audiences on her journey, sharing her experiences and the stories of fascinating individuals she encounters along the way.

Be.Do.Become TV With Leah Marville Barbados

Leah Marville, a LA- based Barbadian attorney, model, Miss Barbados ’09, TV host, speaker, and coach, serves as the brains behind “Be.Do.Become TV,” a YouTube channel designed to facilitate life transformations within a year by equipping individuals with essential tools, information, and inspiration. This platform provides valuable insights into personal development, self-improvement, and motivation. Leah Marville takes on the role of host, sharing her personal experiences and expertise, and guiding viewers on the journey to achieving their optimal selves. Furthermore, the podcast rendition of “Be.Do.Become TV” is available for streaming on Google Podcasts, expanding its accessibility to a broader audience.

Carry On Friends– Jamaica

Carry On Friends exudes a vibrant Caribbean-American essence within its content. Hosted by the charismatic Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, the podcast provides a global exploration deeply grounded in Caribbean heritage. It acts as a mosaic of compelling tales, uplifting moments, and thought-provoking viewpoints that spark dialogues. Welcoming diverse guests, the podcast enriches discussions with their distinct perspectives on Caribbean culture and identity. Covering an array of subjects like lifestyle, wellness, travel, entertainment, careers, and entrepreneurship, it encapsulates the multifaceted Caribbean American experience. Bridging cultural divides, Carry On Friends unites an international audience through shared admiration and fondness for Caribbean culture.

Side Hustle Pro– Jamaica

Nicaila Matthews Okome, a Jamaican-born Bronx native, shifted from marketer to full-time podcaster and entrepreneur. In 2016, she founded Side Hustle Pro, spotlighting Black women entrepreneurs who transitioned from side hustles to successful businesses. Her podcast earned acclaim, with over nine million downloads, accolades from Mashable, and a devoted social media following. In 2018, she launched the Podcast Moguls accelerator, empowering emerging podcasters to create impactful shows, expand their influence, and build profitable ventures. Presently, Nicaila aids multi-passionate side hustlers in amplifying their voices and messages.

The Know Your Caribbean Podcast– St. Lucia

The Know Your Caribbean Podcast, hosted by Fiona Compton, delves into the rich tapestry of Caribbean stories encompassing its history, culture, cuisine, and music. Featuring esteemed guests, the podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Acast, boasts 17 episodes, including the acclaimed “Gangsta Stories from the Caribbean.” Its mission is to educate, uplift, and foster a sense of self-connection. The podcast covers diverse topics like Junkanoo’s history, Obeah, Mermaids, Magic, and the realities of Life in a Slave Market in New Orleans.

The Cutlass Magazine Podcast– Trinidad and Tobago

The Cutlass Magazine Podcast serves as a dedicated platform for the Indo-Caribbean community and descendants of indentureship. Hosted by Vinay Harrichan, the podcast explores culture, religion, politics, history, and entertainment. Accessible on Spotify, it offers a valuable space for listeners interested in these diverse topics.

Style & Vibes Jamaica

Style & Vibes, a podcast delving into Caribbean art, music, culture, and travel, is hosted by Mikelah Rose Malcolm, a Jamaican-American residing in New York. The show presents interviews with influential Caribbean figures and global celebrities within dancehall, reggae, soca, and other genres, offering diverse insights into the vibrant Caribbean scene.

Sensual Faith Podcast with Lyvonne Briggs– Barbados & Guyana

Lyvonne Briggs, a body and sex-positive womanist preacher, speaker, and author with roots in Barbados and Guyana, hosts “Sensual Faith.” Her podcast offers a sacred haven to explore spirituality, reclaim sensuality, and embrace sexuality without shame. Join bi-weekly Thursday discussions and engage online with #sensualfaithpod for a fulfilling community experience celebrating faith and self-empowerment.

AW Confidential– Dominican Republic

The AW Confidential Podcast is a podcast that aims to share stories that help us connect and learn from different perspectives. The podcast is hosted by Yvette Bodden, the founder of Awakened-Woman.com, a platform designed to inspire, empower, and encourage women to live their best lives. The podcast features unfiltered conversations about love, dating, authenticity, men, relationships, motherhood, childhood, mental health, death, friendship, trauma, intimacy, and more

The Good Up Podcast– St. Croix, USVI

Good Up is a podcast hosted and produced by Jeaiza and Deidre, who are both from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The show features conversations with guests from various fields, including music, art, and entrepreneurship, and aims to inspire listeners to live their best lives.

Strictly Facts Pod-Jamaica

Strictly Facts is a biweekly podcast that explores the rich history and culture of the Caribbean. Hosted by Alexandria Miller, the podcast celebrates the vibrant heritage, widespread diaspora, and the stories that shaped the Caribbean.

Like A Real Book Club by Rebel Women Lit- Jamaica

Like A Real Book Club podcast, a venture by Rebel Women Lit, is a bibliotherapy community founded in 2017, is hosted by three Jamaican enthusiasts discussing books and other diverse topics. This podcast is an integral part of Rebel Women Lit’s open book club, fostering safe, vibrant spaces with mutual respect, curiosity, and joy. Their book club provides services like a curated bookstore and a free community library.

About the Journey– Jamaica

About the Journey is a travel podcast led by Oneika Raymond, a travel journalist and TV host of Jamaican descent. Each episode features Oneika exploring various neighbourhoods in iconic global cities, uncovering their distinctive sights, sounds, and flavours through insights shared by knowledgeable locals. The podcast, a collaborative effort by Marriott Bonvoy Traveler, AT WILL MEDIA, and Oneika Raymond, is available on Apple Podcasts and various other podcast platforms.

Odyssey Podcast– Trinidad and Tobago

The Odyssey Podcast, hosted by Kriston and Jerone, provides enlightening and educational entertainment to audiences of all backgrounds by engaging in everyday discussions with remarkable individuals.

The Art of Braids– Haiti

Karyne Tinord is a Haitian braid instructor, artist, and CEO of The Art of Braids. She shares her years of experience and knowledge with braid enthusiasts through her podcast, “The Art of Braids”. The podcast is dedicated to educating braiders on the best painless methods to become masters at servicing their clients while building a lucrative business. In the podcast, Karyne shares all her tips and tricks on how to create a successful braid business. She also invites guests to share their insights and experiences in the field of natural hair care. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Lovers and Friends Podcast– Guyana

Lovers and Friends is helmed by intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram. This podcast delves into themes concerning sex, relationships, and the scientific aspects of attachment. Shan collaborates with expert guests and friends to engage in comprehensive discussions on these subjects.

Taboo (Stories of Caribbean Women)– Trinidad and Tobago

Taboo: The Stories of Caribbean Women, hosted by Ciara James, amplifies narratives of Caribbean women embracing their truths, aiming to inspire others within the community. Available on Google Podcasts and Spotify, the show features guests like Jonella Graham, Aruna Maharaj, Genisa Sellier, and others. It serves as a powerful platform for Caribbean women to share their diverse experiences and stories with a wider audience.

Mango Tea Podcast– Jamaica

The Mango Tea Podcast, a weekly news and culture show tailored for the Caribbean diaspora, offers a flavorful blend of updates and discussions, akin to sipping hot tea with a slice of mango. Covering politics, culture, and current events, it welcomes guests from diverse fields. Audiences can tune in on Spotify, TuneIn, or catch the show on YouTube for engaging content.

Walk Good: African and Caribbean Folktales– Jamaica

Walk Good: African and Caribbean Folktales is hosted by Kesha Christie, the creator of Talkin’ Tales. Through this podcast, Kesha shares captivating African and Caribbean folktales, catering to audiences of all ages, including those in the African/Caribbean diaspora. With 64 episodes since June 15, 2020, Kesha Christie, the storyteller, brings these tales to life for listeners young and young at heart.

This Week in Caribbean Arts and Culture (Sugarcane Magazine)

The This Week in Caribbean Art and Culture podcast offers a weekly exploration of Caribbean culture. Every episode features discussions on regional art news, engaging interviews with fascinating guests, and curated cultural highlights to enrich your week.

The Curl Podcast– Puerto Rico

The Curl Podcast, hosted by Vimarie Santiago, focuses on discussions surrounding natural hair, curls, and the beauty industry, offering motivation for those looking to explore the world of curly hair.

Sunbeam Chats– Trinidad and Tobago

Hosted by Arlene M. Holman, Sunbeam Chats Podcast presents compelling narratives from exceptional individuals sharing their brand stories. The podcast encompasses diverse conversations spanning business, entrepreneurship, health, wellness, faith, the arts, and other engaging topics. Celebrating the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle and its people, Sunbeam Chats encourages listeners to join and find inspiration in the journey. Its mantra, “Wherever Life Plants You Bloom with Grace,” echoes throughout the episodes.

A Lawyer and a Policy Analyst Walk Into A Bar– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Join Jadric Cummings, known as “The Lawyer,” and Dr. Dalano DaSouza, referred to as “The Policy Analyst,” in their podcast, “A Lawyer and Policy Analyst Walk Into A Bar.” Together, they engage in discussions about Caribbean issues and current events while enjoying a refreshing beverage in a casual setting.

Girl Talk– The Bahamas

Join the vibrant trio of Mericha, Joinae, and Cara T for a compelling session of Girl Talk. Delve into discussions about marriage, singleness, relationships, family dynamics, careers, and spirituality. Broadcasting live from the Glory 93.9FM Studios in Nassau, The Bahamas, this podcast offers engaging conversations on various aspects of life.

DJ Jel- Trinidad and Tobago

DJ JEL, the International Soca DJ recognized as “The Soca Boss,” champions global soca music. Hailing from Central Trinidad’s Couva, his unique performance style features unconventional yet captivating tracks. With a vast stage presence in cities like Port of Spain, London, New York, and more, DJ JEL has opened for esteemed acts. A thought leader in the industry, he collaborates with major streaming platforms, holds positions at Sirius XM’s Soca Channel, and pioneers a 100% soca music channel. His mixes, reaching 17 million streaming users worldwide, mark him as a prominent figure across North America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe.

The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop by Martine Powers for The Washington Post- Trinidad and Tobago

The revolutionary figure Maurice Bishop from Grenada faced execution in a 1983 coup, accompanied by seven others, including cabinet members and acquaintances, whose remains remain undisclosed. Over two years, Martine Powers from The Washington Post unveils fresh details about this 40-year-old enigma. The investigation sheds light on the U.S.’s involvement in molding the destiny of this Caribbean nation.

The Climate Conscious– Trinidad and Tobago

The Climate Conscious Podcast, led by Derval Barzey, elevates the Caribbean’s stance on climate change and sustainable development. Through engaging dialogues with guests, the podcast advocates for an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future. It strives to raise awareness, capture valuable insights, and authentically share stories of resilience.

Shifting Perspectives Podcast– Turks & Caicos

Hosted by Yolande Robinson and Latasha Strachan, Shifting Perspectives motivates listeners to embrace diversity in their thinking, work, parenting, and lifestyle choices, encouraging them to broaden their perspectives and approach life with a more inclusive mindset.

This Woman Can– Antigua and Barbuda

“This Woman Can,” hosted by Career Coach and Life Strategist Janice Sutherland, offers content and interviews tailored to empower mature Black women in crafting personalized career paths. The podcast aims to guide them confidently into their next career chapter, fostering alignment and confidence in their professional journeys

Paradise Perspectives- Curacao/St. Maarten

Welcome to Paradise Perspectives, a podcast curated by Riselle, aka The Traveling Island Girl, offering an immersive Caribbean travel experience. Raised in Curacao and residing in St. Maarten, Riselle’s local insights and passion illuminate the islands’ authenticity. From hidden gems to cultural treasures, the podcast fosters a community celebrating the Caribbean’s allure, promising an unforgettable adventure for all travellers.

Be Well, Sis– Haiti

The Be Well, Sis podcast engages in biweekly discussions with impactful women whose lives have been positively reshaped by wellness and self-care. Topics cover mental health, sexual wellness, motherhood, finance, career, and more. Dr. Cassandre Dunbar, a medical doctor and wellness advocate, hosts the show, focusing on empowering Black millennial women with healing resources for holistic thriving.

The Tingz Nice Podcast– Turks & Caicos

Hosted by Shamair, the Tingz Nice podcast delves into Caribbean carnival culture and lifestyle topics, offering a vibrant, unfiltered experience. Providing a treasure trove of insights, each episode blends entertainment with information, delivering diverse perspectives and lively vibes. Join the audio adventure for a flavorful exploration mirroring the diverse essence of the Caribbean.

Monogamish Pod– Jamaica

Monogamish Pod is a podcast delving into non-monogamy and polyamory from a Black Caribbean perspective. Hosted by Jhen, a Black Jamaican pansexual woman, the show delves deep into these topics, exploring various aspects of life for non-monogamous and polyamorous individuals through BIPOC guests’ experiences.

Willa Wednesdays- Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica

The podcast, “Willa Wednesdays,” is led by founders hailing from Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica. They are your go-to spot for Ghetto News from Relationship Gurus.

Zoeview Podcast- Haiti

In The Zoeview Podcast, Boe and Marieanne, along with friends, explore diverse topics from a Caribbean islander perspective. They discuss culture, education, TV shows, college life, religion, music, sex, Kompa, and more, offering insights and viewpoints from their unique Caribbean lens.

The Original People Network– The Bahamas

The Original People Network is situated in The Bahamas and focuses on empowering and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. Through sharing stories of triumph over adversity and accomplishments, it showcases success across various fields. It is described as a hub for exceptional, remarkable and authentic individuals.

YahdLife– Jamaica

YahdLife is an interview-style podcast that explores how our roots impact who we are. The host, Andrew Stewart, gets guests to open up about their experiences, influences, and much more by asking probing questions. The podcast focuses on the reggae, dancehall, and sound system culture through the eyes and lives of those who are on the front lines.

Java Social– Puerto Rico

The Jeva Social podcast is a show hosted by a group of passionate and committed female friends from Puerto Rico. The podcast aims to share their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives on social issues such as family, work, health, beauty, relationships, and more.

Checkmate– Jamaica

The Checkmate Political Podcast explores the current political and social climate of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region

DVoices – New Dominican Voices of Now– Dominican Republic

DVoices – New Dominican Voices of Now is a podcast media and networking platform that highlights the experiences, challenges, and contributions of Dominican descendants to society through engaging podcast series. The platform was founded by Carlos Lamarche, a notable Dominican TV journalist, and Waldo Tejada, a seasoned marketer.

Objeks & Tings– St. Kitts & Nevis

Objeks & Tings, a new podcast by Message Heard and Museumand – The National Caribbean Heritage Museum, commemorates 75 years of Caribbean influence, culture, and contribution in the UK. Across 12 episodes, founders Catherine Ross and Lynda Burrell, a mother-daughter duo from Museumand, along with guests, delve into cherished objects symbolizing Caribbean heritage, unravelling their significance in their British upbringing.

Dai Good Talk– Trinidad and Tobago

The Dai Good Talk Podcast invites listeners on a profound exploration of modern dating culture. The hosts intricately examine the intricate layers of today’s dating landscape, particularly probing into the reasons behind the apparent shift of many men from conventional dating practices. From the impact of technology to the evolving expectations within society and beyond, the panel dissects the intricate and challenging facets that mould present-day relationships. This dynamic conversation brims with valuable insights, personal experiences, and a generous dose of humour. Whether one is single, actively dating, or already in a relationship, this discussion assures a wealth of understanding, shedding much-needed light on the continuously evolving realm of love.

A Shot of Soca

A Shot of Soca, a podcast based in the UK, is dedicated to delivering all things Soca-related, both within the UK and on an international scale. Annie, one of the hosts and a co-founder of Mas Must Play, a Caribbean lifestyle brand, passionately advocates for Soca music’s significance beyond just a fashionable aspect of carnival celebrations, emphasizing its integral role in Caribbean culture. The other host, Lex Lion, stands as a globally recognized, multi-award-winning DJ and a valued member of Team 246 Entertainment.

Lest We Forget– Jamaica

The Lest We Forget Historical Podcast examines past Caribbean events and their profound impact on shaping the present-day society we inhabit.

Under the Sycamore Tree– Podcast

The Under the Sycamore Tree podcast, a concise series and living archive by Rebel Women Lit, spotlights the endeavours of pioneering Caribbean feminist groups dedicated to ecological justice, trans and queer rights, leadership, and the fight against rape culture.

Balancing the Bars– Guyana

A Guyanese-owned podcast that fosters worldwide discussions covering topics such as Business, Arts, Relationships, and Social Issues.

The *(Relate)able Podcast

The *(Relate)able podcast is a haven for open and candid discussions tailored unapologetically for Black individuals. The podcast delves into exploring the dynamics of relationships within our intimate connections, friendships, family, and all the nuances in between. The hosts of this podcast are three Caribbean Women: Fiona, a single mother, Sherween, a near-empty nester and Chantal, a free-spirited monogamist.

In We Blood- Grenada

The In We Blood Podcast invites listeners to delve into the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture and its profound influence on individuals. Hosted by Keyanna Bell, the podcast aims to unravel the history, global significance, and personal impact of Caribbean culture. Together, they explore the depth and essence of this culture, emphasizing its intrinsic connection to the very core of our identities, affirming that this mas, this culture, runs deep within us—it’s in our blood.

Redirection with Terri-Karelle– Jamaica

The podcast “Redirection with Terri-Karelle” invites guests from diverse backgrounds—across age, gender, and professional spectrums—to explore how rejection often serves as a pivotal redirection toward realizing one’s true potential. Life’s unpredictable challenges frequently lead to discomfort, yet this show delves into viewing failures as opportunities and reframing losses as victories without branding oneself as a failure.

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