100 Caribbean-owned Fashion Brands You Need To Know

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When it comes to fashion, the Caribbean region exudes creativity, vibrancy, and a deep connection to culture. From the stunning landscapes to the rich history and diverse heritage, Caribbean-owned fashion brands have been making waves in the industry with their unique designs and meaningful storytelling. In this article, we will celebrate the impact and creativity of Caribbean-owned fashion brands, showcasing their talent, influences, and must-have pieces. Get ready to explore the diverse world of Caribbean fashion and hit save on some of these Caribbean-owned brands for your next wardrobe update.

Sagaboi– Trinidad and Tobago

Founded by Geoff K. Cooper in 2015, SAGABOI emerged as a men’s fashion brand intricately tied to the Caribbean subculture known as “saga boy.” Originating in the 1930s as a symbol of masculine rebellion through style, this term denotes a playboy or a man exceptionally fashion-forward and stylish, according to the Oxford Dictionary. Initially operating as a magazine, the brand shifted entirely to men’s apparel in 2022. SAGABOI embodies multicultural influences that evoke Caribbean vibes and a captivating essence. Rooted in the deep-seated and sensual reference to the West Indian subculture, it symbolizes confidence, smart rebellion, and unparalleled style. Drawing inspiration from Caribbean aesthetics—its ease, exuberance, and energy—the brand represents a distinctive voice in men’s fashion, focusing on ready-to-wear and streetwear segments.

Theophilio– Jamaica

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Theophilio is a modern clothing brand founded by Edvin Thompson. Influenced by his upbringing in Kingston, Jamaica, and the vibrant culture of New York City, Thompson infuses his designs with a blend of youthful energy. Celebrating his Jamaican heritage, he employs vivid colors and a distinctive Red, Yellow, Green, and Black palette. His creative prowess earned him recognition as a 2021 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist and the title of American Emerging Designer of the Year at the 2021 CFDA/Fashion Awards.

Fe Noel Grenada 

The brand Fe Noel epitomizes the ethos of “Eat well, travel often, and dress to inspire!”—a testament to making life beautiful. Founded by Felisha “Fe” Noel in Brooklyn, the women’s wear brand is deeply rooted in her Grenadian heritage, encapsulating culture, glamour, sensibility, and sensuality. Her journey commenced at 19 with a vintage boutique for trendsetters in Brooklyn, evolving into today’s eponymous brand, ‘Fe Noel.’ Her upbringing in a large Caribbean family significantly influenced her, especially drawing inspiration from her mother and grandmother’s drive and humility.

The Lush Kingdom– Trinidad and Tobago

The Lush Kingdom, a Caribbean brand renowned for its vibrant prints, weaves narratives through its designs. Established by James Hackett, an illustrator and designer situated in Trinidad and Tobago, the brand showcases an array of products encompassing clothing and accessories. Drawing inspiration from Caribbean life and culture, its offerings reflect the region’s essence and vibrancy.

Lurelly– Jamaica

Based in Los Angeles, Jamaican designer Lurell Walker is the visionary founder behind ‘Lurelly’ (lurelly.com), a renowned brand established in 2012. Specializing in bespoke women’s fashion, the brand captivates clients across America and worldwide with its opulent sophistication and allure. Walker’s designs exude a simultaneous blend of allure, provocation, and elegance through sumptuous, flowing fabrics. Lurelly champions the modern woman by highlighting her beauty and femininity. Walker’s creations embody contrasting personas: one exuding regal boldness and exuberance, while the other embodies an ethereal, gentle, and thoughtful essence, culminating in Lurelly’s distinct aesthetic.

Diotima- Jamaica 

Rachel Scott, the Founder and Creative Director of Diotima, envisions a captivating Caribbean style that harmonizes tradition and innovation, drawing from her Jamaican roots. Established in 2021, Diotima’s creations are meticulously crafted in Jamaica and New York, focusing on supporting local artisans. The collection’s cornerstone, crochet, originates exclusively from Jamaica, reflecting a commitment to local craftsmanship. The brand intertwines tailoring with Heritage Tweeds from the UK, reminiscent of the Jamaican diaspora’s cultural fusion during the Windrush era. Italian fabrics such as Tropical Wools and Basketweaves pay homage to traditional elements like the crocus bag. Contrasting this tailoring and crochet are hand embellishments and intricate threadwork, emphasizing craftsmanship and advocating for a broader definition of luxury beyond Europe.

Carolina Sanz– Dominican Republic

Carolina Sanz, a Dominican-born American designer raised in the Dominican Republic, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, receiving the Critics Choice Award for her Evening Specialization thesis collection. Working at Oscar de La Renta Atelier and Rosie Assoulin’s team shaped her into the designer she is. Returning home in 2018 fulfilled her dream of launching her first collection, “La Hispaniola,” redefining elegance and femininity. Her company, a leading brand in her country, garnered an international following in cities like NYC, Miami, Mexico City, and Bogotá.

The Cloth– Trinidad and Tobago

THE CLOTH, a Caribbean fashion label, grounds itself in folk, revolution, restoration, and integration. Embracing regional stories, it crafts designs symbolizing Caribbean revolutions and the revival of relationships with nature, economy, and society. Manufacturing exclusively occurs at their atelier in Belmont, Trinidad & Tobago. Collections narrate diverse stories, rejecting foreign seasonal norms. The label aspires to create a wholly Caribbean brand, from design to materials, rooted in the region’s soil. Founded in 1986, it upholds a patchwork craft tradition woven from Trinidad & Tobago’s indigenous, African, and Indian cultures, forging a new path through age-old folk practices. The act of crafting clothes embodies a resistance fueled by the spirit of Caribbean revolutions, fostering change and cultural pride.

Andres Otalora- Colombia

Andres Otalora is a fashion designer from Colombia. He is known for his elegant and sophisticated designs that are inspired by the country’s rich cultural heritage. Otalora has showcased his collections in various countries, including Colombia, Panama, and the United States.

Ana + Maria– Dominican Republic

Established in 2007, Ana + María is a Prêt-à-Porter clothing brand renowned for elevating the white shirt’s versatility and empowering women. Embracing white as its signature hue, the brand’s focus lies in meticulous craftsmanship, using premium fabrics and seeking originality in designs. Evolving from exclusively white blouses, it now encompasses a wide range of minimalist, contemporary women’s wear. Ana + María blends geometric shapes with handmade details, creating unique, emblematic pieces that juxtapose volumes and clean cuts with folds, celebrating individuality and style. Led by Ana Luciano de Cordero, the Creative and Artistic Director, the brand’s prestigious blouse collection has gained acclaim, reaching countries like Belgium, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and various Central American regions.

Shoma the Label– Trinidad and Tobago

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, nestled in the southern Caribbean, Shoma graduated from a Canadian Marketing and Business Development program. Her innate creativity led her to fashion in 2014, co-establishing a successful women’s resort label despite lacking formal training. The brand gained regional acclaim, earning features in Caribbean publications and accolades like the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce’s “Champions of Business” Awards. In 2020, Shoma unveiled her eponymous label, channelling her love for prints and cultural design. Crafting refined, sophisticated garments, Shoma’s vision encapsulates the vibrant essence of Caribbean culture. Her global mission remains to narrate the Caribbean’s diverse story through fashion, embracing Trinbagonian culture’s dynamic richness in each piece meticulously handmade in Trinidad.

Jenny Polanco– Dominican Republic 

Jenny Polanco, a homage to the Caribbean’s allure, celebrates Dominican craftsmanship and beauty. Established in 1979, the brand reveres its homeland, becoming a legendary icon. Amber and linen, its symbolic emblems, exalt local artistry. Embracing tradition and Dominican culture, each piece reflects a deep respect for heritage. The label’s tailored yet relaxed style epitomizes Caribbean elegance, blending luxury and comfort effortlessly. Versatile collections, from resort wear to home décor, draw inspiration from folklore, music, and everyday life, creating timeless, wearable classics.

Marrisa Wilson NY– Jamaica

Marrisa Wilson, a first-generation Guyanese-American designer, crafts contemporary womenswear reflecting her Caribbean heritage. Her collections feature artisan hand-painted prints, bespoke fabrics, and unique textile treatments, exploring culture and history. Rejecting conventional sources, every MARRISA WILSON print originates solely from Marrisa’s creative mind and brush, ensuring each piece’s unparalleled uniqueness. With artisanal designs, movement-friendly fabrics, and a bold aesthetic, the collection stands out, prioritizing quality and functionality. Crafted with exceptional artistry and care, each garment embodies the brand’s soul, enabling wearers to express their own.

Atelier Ndigo– Haiti

Ndigo, also known as “Atelier Ndigo,” is the brainchild of Stylist/Costume Designer Waina Chancy, a visionary in cultural fashion. Emphasizing art and fashion’s beauty, the brand crafts edgy clothing lines. Inspired by the colour “indigo,” the brand transforms vibrant fabrics into structured pieces, drawing inspiration from architecture and design. Evolving thoughtfully, Atelier Ndigo presents unparalleled styles with creativity. Focused on becoming an esteemed clothing brand, it upholds craftsmanship, women’s empowerment, and artistic talent, ensuring pride for both creators and wearers. With a commitment to iconic fashion and quality, the brand aims to create exceptional, confidence-inspiring pieces that leave lasting impressions.

Meiling– Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago-based, Meiling stands among the Caribbean’s top designers, synonymous with luxury. Her label embodies meticulous detail and refined taste, fusing organic fabrics and textures with distinctive hand-stitched elements. As the daughter of a renowned seamstress, Meiling intertwines traditional craftsmanship, honouring the region’s heritage. Inspired by Trinidad and Tobago’s architecture, her work echoes artisanal intricacies, often reflected in minimalist black-and-white collections. Her bespoke pieces, adorned with heirloom finishes, reflect timeless elegance and enduring craftsmanship, transcending generations.

Always Leid– Grenada

Established by Raquel Leid, Always Leid represents a Grenadian fashion brand dedicated to capturing the lively and diverse essence of Caribbean culture and lifestyle in its designs. Their primary goal is to empower and inspire their expanding community, the Always Leid tribe, fostering self-expression, creativity, and style.

Soka the Label– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Soka, a dynamic social enterprise, invites individuals on a lively fashion venture, presenting a diverse array of clothing, beauty essentials, and accessories. Founded by Vincentian designer Karen De Freitas, the brand intertwines contemporary styles with a West Indian perspective, redefining beauty standards and honouring cultural heritage. Karen’s artistic journey, from the scenic Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the vibrant energy of New York City, has shaped the brand’s identity. Since its inception in Spring Summer 2015, Soka has blended vibrant colours and revitalised silhouettes, reflecting Karen’s evolving artistic vision.

Greta Constatine– Jamaica 

Established in 2006 in Toronto, Canada, Greta Constantine, a renowned ready-to-wear womenswear brand, was founded by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong. With its name stemming from Wong’s mother, Greta, and Pickersgill’s grandfather, Constantine, the label meticulously crafts collections within its Toronto studio. Distributed through 40+ outlets in 15 countries, including Hudson’s Bay and Nordstrom, their designs are also featured on Moda Operandi and Farfetch, reshaping contemporary fashion and inspiring future women’s style.

Mayle Vasquez– Dominican Republic

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Maylé Vásquez rises as a notable fashion designer, transitioning from tailored designs to her eponymous ready-to-wear line. Beyond personal growth, her shift reflects a dedication to promoting Dominican fashion globally while embracing ethical production for sustainable collections. Inspired by Caribbean heritage, her brand redefines Latin fashion, featuring pleats, textures, and innovative forms seen in sculptural gowns, sundresses, and jumpsuits. Throughout her offerings, Vásquez maintains an unwavering commitment to superior quality, precision tailoring, and adaptable opulence.

Kriado– Puerto Rico

@kriado_ M A R A S E T effortless romance Nathalie Kriado Spring 2023 Model: @camillefabery ♬ original sound – KRIADO

Based in Miami, Florida, Nathalie Kriado, a Puerto Rican fashion designer, specializes in delicate, modern, and distinctly feminine designs. Her Prêt-à-Porter and Couture collections harmoniously blend tradition and modernity, showcasing her unique patterns, geometries, and intricate lace as signature elements in her work.

Ecliptica– Puerto Rico

Situated in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ecliptica is an online women’s clothing boutique renowned for its exclusive designs crafted by the inventive sister duo, Norein and Michelle Otero. Their collections, including ISLA Ready-To-Wear, Ecliptica Atelier, and Ecliptica Bridal, have been trendsetting in Puerto Rico since 2000. The brand is recognized for unique design elements like draping, embroidery, fringes, and macramé on flowing silk fabrics, creating distinctive pieces. Ecliptica’s silhouettes feature plunging necklines and detailed, fluid pieces, evoking a statuesque goddess appeal. The name “Ecliptica” symbolizes the sun’s annual path on the celestial sphere, influencing seasonal changes.

Samara Wells Alvarez– Colombia

The Samara Wells brand boasts over 23 years of experience in high fashion. Renowned for its timeless and exclusive designs, the brand offers comprehensive advisory services tailored to individual event needs. Specializing in bespoke attire, Samara Wells crafts tailored suits for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, godmothers, guests, and even accessories such as shoes and jewellery, ensuring a perfect ensemble for any occasion.

Maria Calderon– Dominican Republic

María Isabel Calderon is a young and aspiring fashion designer who is the creative force behind the brand Maria Calderon Her passion for fashion and design began at a very young age and has grown into much more than just a hobby. The brand has launched various collections that convey originality and simplicity through its clothing pieces, which are full of Maria’s creative thoughts and ideas. 

KAPHILL- Jamaica

Crafted by Krystal A Phillips, KAPHILL emerges from a personal journey of self-discovery, championing community strength and embracing authenticity. It serves as a haven for trailblazers, seekers, and rebels, fostering growth and celebrating individuality. KAPHILL’s commitment to quality and timeless style inspires unapologetic authenticity in every member.

Samantha Black– Jamaica

Samantha Black, a Jamaican fashion luminary, has etched her mark in the fashion realm. Born in New York City to Jamaican parents, she founded the acclaimed lines, Sammy B Designs and Samantha Black. Her creations have graced celebrities like Keri Hilson, Angela Simmons, La La Anthony, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. Black garnered experience collaborating with renowned names such as Alexander McQueen in London, alongside stints at Jill Stuart and Michael Kors in New York. Her appearance on ‘Project Runway’ in 2012 and inclusion in the groundbreaking exhibition, Black Dress in New York City, showcased her talent on global platforms.

Praje Oscar- Haiti

Born in Haiti and currently based in the United States, Prajjé O. Jean Baptiste transformed a childhood aspiration into reality post his graduation from the Massachusetts College of Art. Establishing his fashion house in Boston in 2003, Prajjé now manages operations in Philadelphia, overseeing a design studio and manufacturing based in Haiti. Renowned for his expertise in accentuating the female form, employing exquisite cuts, and utilizing fabrics that complement the body, Prajjé earned accolades on both New York runways and red carpets. His design ethos, amalgamating tradition with contemporary elements, empowers women to showcase elegance, luxury, and modernity affordably. Prajjé Oscar’s offerings cater to the downtown-cool woman exuding uptown flair—a symbol of the evolving street chic.

Rosa Boga– Dominican Republic

Rosa Boga, a women’s fashion brand specializing in Prêt-à-porter and bespoke attire, exudes a lively essence, merging ethereal, contemporary, structured, and geometric elements. Influenced by Rosalba Bogaert’s background in interior design, her creations redefine shapes by seamlessly blending traditional textiles with innovative ones using the art of moulage. Drawing inspiration from the landscapes, flora, and fauna of the Dominican Republic, each piece embodies carefully chosen fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Rosalba’s focus on femininity accentuates detail, structure, and fit, empowering the wearer. Nature serves as her muse, inspiring a palette of colors, lines, shapes, and textures in her designs.

Theodore Elyett– The Bahamas

Theodore Elyett, a notable Bahamian fashion luminary, has carved a significant niche in the fashion sphere, emerging as a trailblazer in Caribbean fashion. With a career spanning from winning awards as a 13-year-old designer in 1998, he remains a steadfast figure in The Bahamian fashion industry for over a decade. Elyett is committed to uplifting Bahamian fashion and nurturing paths for budding designers. His collaboration with Bahama Handprints echoes his dedication, celebrating the vibrant culture and aesthetics of The Bahamas and its surrounding waters.

Saint Fort Brand- Haiti

Establishing Saint Fort in 2014 while pursuing fashion design at Parsons in New York City, Saphyra Saint Fort intertwined her affection for hat crafting with the memory of her late father. This fusion birthed timeless, daring crowns. A Saint Fort crown ignites inner fortitude, conveying a powerful statement without words. Crafted with love, these crowns are designed to withstand time, evolving into cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. Through Saint Fort, wearers embody resilience and enduring elegance, speaking volumes through their timeless adornments.

Brandon Blackwood NYC– Jamaica

Brandon Blackwood, an American fashion entrepreneur, serves as the CEO and founder of Brandon Blackwood New York, a brand specializing in handbags and accessories. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, of Jamaican and Chinese heritage, his company ethos focuses on creating accessible luxury accessories made from vegan leather. The brand’s iconic Kuei bag draws inspiration from traditional Chinese lanterns. Blackwood’s designs have gained popularity among celebrities including Megan Thee Stallion, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Cardi B.

Petit Kouraj- Haiti

Petit Kouraj transcends being a mere collection; it’s a tribute to heritage. Since 2018, the brand collaborated with women-led groups in Haiti, aiding artisans with resources and education. Amid present challenges, production temporarily shifted to prioritize the team’s safety. As a small business, they advocate for transparent, ethical sourcing of materials worldwide. Their luxury handbags symbolize a dedication to values, aspiring to create a meaningful influence—blending craftsmanship, social consciousness, and reverence for roots—to redefine luxury.

Stella Jean– Haiti

Stella, a fashion designer and cultural amalgamator, embodies a fusion of her Roman-Italian and Haitian lineage. Her designs represent a cultural convergence, telling a tale of cross-border exchange that surpasses mere aesthetics. Fashion, in Stella’s view, serves as a potent instrument, amplifying integration and multiculturalism globally. Her collections convey a profound message, weaving a cultural tapestry advocating for social progress. Stella stands as a beacon, illustrating the enduring allure of inclusivity and acknowledging others as an intrinsic part of our collective identity.

Islenas– Puerto Rico

Karla López Rivera, an industrial designer specializing in footwear for over a decade, returned to Puerto Rico in 2018, empowered by a grant for Isleñas. Armed with a BFA in Furniture Design and a Masters in Footwear Design, she aims to revolutionize Puerto Rico’s sewing industry through the principles of slow fashion. As the granddaughter of a Puerto Rican seamstress, Karla is driven by a commitment to positive societal impact. Isleñas, a Puerto Rican brand crafting footwear and accessories, embodies a simple ethos: look good, feel good, do good—produced locally in Puerto Rico and Latin America since its espadrille debut in 2019.

Bresheh– Jamaica

Roast By Bresheh, intricately crafted in Jamaica, transcends being a product—it’s a ritual preparing individuals for personal, professional, and communal aspirations. Their curated collection reflects the multifaceted essence of women, symbolizing a fusion of beauty, purpose, and influence. Bresheh is committed to philanthropy; proceeds from the Purposeful In Pink Campaign will fund 100 mammograms for individuals in St. Thomas parish. Elevate your style while supporting a significant cause through Roast By Bresheh.

Suga Apple Swim– Barbados

Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of Suga Apple Swim, a Bajan lifestyle brand established in October 2014. Their fusion of style and functionality aims to imbue confidence and beauty each time one dons their swimwear—embracing the identity of a Suga Apple Babe. Featuring lively, vibrant prints and playful cuts, their designs aim to accentuate your Suga Apple. Whether basking under the sun, riding waves, or enjoying beachside moments with children, their swimwear promises comfort and style

Chen Burkett New York– Antigua and Barbuda

Originating from St. Johns, Antigua, Chen Burkett embarked on a quest to find attire suitable for her tall stature. Drawing inspiration from her mother, she cultivated her sewing talents, crafting bespoke clothing that eventually blossomed into her own fashion line, Chen Burkett New York, established in 2013. Infused with influences from Ghana, Great Britain, and Antigua, her collections harmoniously intertwine diverse cultural aesthetics. From daily commutes to the catwalk, Chen Burkett New York epitomizes everyday glamour—a versatile brand seamlessly merging comfort, practicality, style, and cultural relevance.

TIA-ALANI- Barbados

Experience the epitome of minimalistic luxury through TIALANI, curated by creative director Tia Olton, a fashion devotee committed to delivering a distinct shopping journey. Their handcrafted, ready-to-wear line showcases a neutral color scheme and draws inspiration from 90’s fashion, encompassing TIALANI Swim, lingerie, resort wear, oversized dress shirts, and beyond. Beyond aesthetics, they aim to surpass expectations with captivating concepts and unique collections. Explore their range and engage via Instagram @tialani.luxuries for an infusion of elegance.

Cotton & Co– Grenada/Jamaica

Embodying Caribbean fashion, Cotton & Co Grenada, founded by Renee Stewart, pays homage to Grenada’s serenity and warmth. Inspired by the island’s allure, their women’s ready-to-wear line champions minimalism, sustainability, and conscious luxury. Each collection showcases timeless designs crafted from natural fibers, adhering to ethical production standards. As a brand led by a black woman, they prioritize diversity, catering to mature women who share a passion for travel. Their commitment extends to fair trade and sustainability, intertwining comfort, quality, and style in each piece—a narrative of mindful and responsible living. Embrace the luxury of simplicity with Cotton & Co Grenada, where timeless elegance converges with conscious living.

Vavvoune– Haiti

Situated in Brooklyn, New York, Vavvoune, established by self-taught designer Valerie Blaise, revolutionizes leather accessories. Each meticulously crafted item seeks to stir emotions, inspired by curiosity, uniqueness, and moments steeped in nostalgia. Operating from their studio/showroom, they closely collaborate with conscientious artisans in NYC’s garment district. By repurposing premium Italian leathers and meticulously sourcing materials, they challenge misconceptions surrounding leather. Vavvoune, derived from Valerie’s Haitian moniker, invites a reevaluation of one’s relationship with leather, fostering a space where nostalgia finds rejuvenation.

Lovely Joubert Haiti

Lovely Joubert, hailing from Haiti, introduces the “femmes extraordinaires” through the debut handbag collection. Their luxury designer bags affirm positivity, elegance, confidence, and inclusivity, crafted from premium vegan leather. As the founder, Lovely infuses passion and expertise from a fashion background, creating exquisite, unique handbags as everyday masterpieces. Each purse resonates as a testament to creativity, innovation, and beauty, reflecting a woman’s style, personality, and aspirations with meticulous craftsmanship and storytelling design elements.

Fiori Srl– Dominican Republic

Fiori specializes in an extensive range of premium leather handbags and accessories catering to both genders. Established in 1984, they consistently produce top-notch leather goods, unveiling fresh designs monthly. Their products are crafted in the Dominican Republic, maintaining a commitment to quality and innovation.

Kalia & co. – Jamaica

Kalia & Co, a Jamaican brand, focuses on crafting handmade tote bags, purses, and handbags. Founded in 2016 by Taneish Miller, the brand aims to offer high-quality locally made items in Jamaican boutiques and gift shops. Miller’s vision is to elevate her locally crafted bags as the preferred choice representing Brand Jamaica. Kalia & Co Designs has received recognition in publications like the Jamaica Observer and the Jamaica Gleaner.

Wales Bonner- Jamaica

Founded by Grace Wales Bonner post her graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2014, Wales Bonner reshapes cultural luxury by uniting European heritage with an Afro-Atlantic essence. Initially a menswear label, its soulful tailoring expanded to encompass womenswear. Grace, acclaimed with prestigious awards, collaborates with Dior, curates exhibitions, and holds the position of Head of the Fashion Design Department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Wales Bonner’s unique vision is showcased at esteemed retailers including Matchesfashion.com, Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, and Dover Street Market International.

Brother Vellies– Jamaica 

Founded in 2013, Brother Vellies promotes traditional African design methods worldwide, fashioning luxury accessories that pay homage to cultural legacies. Aurora James, originally from Toronto and now based in New York City, infuses the brand with her multifaceted expertise in fashion, journalism, art, music, photography, and horticulture. Driven by a fervor for craftsmanship and humanitarianism, Brother Vellies’ handmade creations transcend mere accessories; they represent distinctive, enduring additions to wardrobes, upholding a pledge to preserve traditional methods and support artisanal employment.

J Angelique– Trinidad and Tobago

J. Angelique stands as a leading lifestyle brand, delivering genuine Caribbean styles tailored for fêtes, vacations, resorts, and party wardrobes. Focused on high-end designs, the brand crafts bold and striking silhouettes, embellished with intricate beading and voluminous details. Specializing in outfits that exude a center stage attitude, J. Angelique illuminates grand celebrations, ensuring a wardrobe that shines under the golden spotlight for individuals celebrating life’s momentous occasions.

Bene Caribe– Trinidad and Tobago

Originating from Trinidad & Tobago’s fertile grounds in 2015, Bene Caribe emerges as a mindful fashion label, weaving ethical consumption with the lively essence of the Caribbean. Their no-waste approach mirrors a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Beyond fashion, they foster a community-centered social enterprise, partnering with Caribbean entities like The Backpack Project, The Voice of Lupus Foundation, and Cause An Effect. Sales proceeds contribute to Caribbean advancement and innovation, embodying Bene Caribe’s ethos of empowerment and benevolence.

PoshelleSt. Vincent and the Grenadines

Poshelle represents a fashion label situated in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Tailored for the sophisticated woman who confidently creates her unique path, the brand embodies elegance and individuality in its designs.

Aisling Camps– Trinidad and Tobago

Aisling Camps, a Columbia University alumna with a background in mechanical engineering and a sustainability focus, redirected her creative interests to knitwear design at FIT. Originating from Trinidad, she established her namesake brand specializing in high-quality knitwear. Situated in Brooklyn, her studio meticulously handcrafts each piece alongside a dedicated team or collaborates with a three-generation family-run factory in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, after thorough research and sourcing of Italian yarns.

Kaiso Swim– Trinidad and Tobago

Trishelle Leacock, a Trinidad and Tobago native and former University of Miami track and field student-athlete, established Kaiso. Swim at the age of 22 during her final semester. Transitioning from athletics in 2018, her Island upbringing and passion for swimwear fueled the launch of the debut collection, “Trouble,” on July 14th, 2018. Now at 26, she has since unveiled two additional collections. Kaiso. Swim epitomizes Resort Wear, showcasing the Caribbean aesthetic through vibrant prints, refined silhouettes, and premium fabrics that blend luxury with comfort, honoring heritage and inspiring the upcoming generation. The name Kaiso. Swim, derived from “Ka” (Go) and “Iso” (Forward), symbolizes the brand’s dedication to continuous progress and evolution.

Kimya Glasgow St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The brand Kimya Glasgow embodies an essence reminiscent of the laid-back grace of enjoying chilled rum punches while admiring lush, gleaming vistas through jalousied windows. Mixing cottons, linens, crochet, and jute with the radiant shimmer of Dupioni silks, the collection presents a fusion of textures. Hand-painting, hand-beading, and gentle linings infuse a luxurious allure into these wearable-art pieces crafted by hand. Drawing inspiration from Caribbean elegance, ancient traditions, and contemporary viewpoints, Kimya Glasgow celebrates the rhythmic allure of the human figure, influenced by the culture and artistry of the Caribbean.

House of Jem– St. Lucia 

Under the leadership of the dynamic entrepreneur Jemima Harrigan from St. Lucia, the House of Jem, a small enterprise, breathes life into the Caribbean essence via distinctive, tailor-made swimwear, lingerie, and carnival attire. Drawing inspiration from her island’s sun, sand, and sea, Jemima personally designs each piece, prioritizing quality and innovation. From the St. Lucian shores to a global audience, House of Jem honours the Caribbean’s spirit and fashion with meticulous handmade craftsmanship.

Olivia London SwimSt. Vincent and the Grenadines

Renowned Creative Director Celeste Johnny-Madhere is a seasoned veteran in the realm of fashion, having honed her skills from an early age, transitioning from creating McCall’s patterns with her mother to designing original eveningwear. Her journey led her to New York City’s fashion hub where she carved a path designing swimwear, adored by celebrities like Rihanna, Ashanti, Taraji P. Henson, Lala Anthony, and Adrienne Bailon. Her collections gained recognition in esteemed publications such as Elle UK, Essence, and Shape Magazine while gracing platforms like Access Hollywood, ABC Chicago, BET Rip the Runway, and major movie productions.

Fashion Is Payne– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Rhion Romany– Trinidad and Tobago

Rhion Romany, a visionary in Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion domain, has spent nearly 15 years crafting an unparalleled legacy with his captivating designs. From humble beginnings, his brand has evolved into one of Trinidad’s most distinguished fashion labels, asserting its global presence and establishing Rhion as a timeless fashion luminary. Inspired by the Caribbean’s essence, his creations resonate with the modern Caribbean woman, offering an edgy, bold aesthetic perfect for Trinidad’s social milieu. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Rhion ensures his designs remain uniquely relevant and relatable, reflecting his unwavering commitment to progression and contemporaneity. His designs exude an inherent opulence and elegance, rejecting conformity and embracing innovative avant-garde elements that defy traditional norms.

Apryl Jasmine– The Bahamas

Established in 2002, the Apryl Jasmine label is renowned for its refined design ethos. Characterized by an effortless, artisanal approach and the use of premium materials, its clientele spans from politicians and high-powered executives to beauty queens and fellow artists. Offering custom-designed garments, ready-to-wear, resort wear, and accessories, the Apryl Jasmine RTW collection is available at various boutiques across New Providence, Bahamas.

Luar- Dominican Republic 

Luar, spearheaded by Raul Lopez, a designer of Dominican descent raised in a non-gentrified sector of New York, defies fashion norms. Beyond the exclusive catwalk sphere, Luar has garnered immense recognition, drawing queues even from non-traditional fashion enthusiasts. Influenced by his upbringing amidst New York’s downtown and ballroom scenes, as well as his Dominican roots, Lopez constructs a unique luxury label, transcending the exclusivity of the fashion elite. Renowned for affordable “it bags” and a diverse aesthetic, Luar reshapes New York’s fashion landscape, appealing beyond the traditional 1% echelon.

Phylicia Ellis– The Bahamas

Bahamian fashion designer Phylicia Ellis specializes in crafting bespoke bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns celebrated for their infusion of Bahamian island allure. Her passion for fashion ignited during her high school years while working at her parents’ retail fabric store in the Bahamas. Following her graduation in 2006, she pursued fashion design, carving a notable niche within the industry. Recognized for her unique designs, Ellis has garnered features in several publications and holds acclaim as one of The Bahamas’ esteemed fashion mavens. Her work graced the cover of eLIFE 242 Magazine.

Olivier Rogers– St. Martin

Olivier Rogers is a French-Caribbean designer who draws inspiration from his upbringing in Saint Martin for his clothing. Renowned for infusing his designs with French-Caribbean heritage, Rogers has captured the attention of celebrities such as Future, Lil Baby, and Kevin Durant.

Victor Lopez– Dominican Republic

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Victor Lopez emerges as a burgeoning talent in the realm of fashion, deeply intertwined with art’s expressive facets and the cultural essence of his hometown, famously linked to the Mirabal sisters and symbolized by butterflies. Guided by his grandmother’s mentorship and inspiration from an early age, Lopez found his passion for design and fashion through needlework, fostering an unparalleled taste and delicacy in crafting captivating garments that epitomize style and sophistication.

Lemloren- Puerto Rico

Lemaris Lorenzo, a Puerto Rican-born fashion designer, lecturer, sustainability advocate, and multi-media artist, attained her Master’s Degree in Contemporary Fashion Design from the esteemed International Fashion Academy in France. As a faculty member, she specialized in Textile Innovation and Sustainable Fashion Design at the Paris campus. Lorenzo’s European stint also included an exchange program at the Lorenzo Di Medici Center in Florence, enhancing her grasp of fashion industry business, finance, and merchandise. Post-Paris, Lorenzo debuted her MA Capsule Collection at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Her collections spotlight sustainable wearable pieces, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship and nuanced details. Influenced by Latin American heritage and experiences in NYC and Europe, her designs resonate with a universal language of timeless style and quality.

Bien Abye– Haiti

Bien Abyé, translating to “Well Dressed” in French Creole, is an impactful brand crafting handcrafted accessories in Haiti. Founded by Haitian-American designer Dayanne Danier, the brand draws inspiration from Haiti’s architectural heritage and Danier’s Creole roots, reflecting in its designs intricate details and vibrant colors. The collection spans accessories for women and men, including handbags, tabletops, and home décor, illuminating Creole excellence. Danier’s decade-long expertise in the fashion industry, gained from roles in major US apparel companies, complements her philanthropic endeavors in Haiti, supporting local communities through initiatives, collaborations, and educational projects.

Krystal Paniagua– Puerto Rico

Krystal Paniagua, a Puerto Rican contemporary designer, emphasizes community at the core of each creation. Her brand showcases handmade, fluid knitwear garments that adapt to various body types, evolving with the wearer. Paniagua blends Puerto Rican roots with a global perspective, challenging and inspiring her designs. With a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Fashion Design from the International Fashion Academy, she launched her eponymous line in 2020, emphasizing community-centric knitwear that visually represents her heritage and fosters collaboration between designer and wearer.

Los Tejedores– Dominican Republic

Natalia Ortega Gámez, a designer and artist hailing from Santo Domingo, and Ricardo Ariel Toribio, a musician and filmmaker from Santiago, form a Dominican couple behind Los Tejedores. Their focus is on intertwining weaving traditions with natural materials and contemporary design. Operating from Santo Domingo, they collaborate with artisans from both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Their goal is to bolster the weaving community on the island, serving as a platform to expand and promote their crafts.

Olette- Dominican Republic

Olette, a brand dedicated to celebrating the connection between the human body and its emotional essence, brings designs that resonate closely with your skin and inner voice. Using organic materials, it curates wardrobe staples for women, emphasizing comfort, style, and sustainability. Their commitment to recycling and local sourcing extends to hiring underserved women in the Dominican Republic, and providing opportunities for community support.

Pyer Moss– Haiti

Founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond, Pyer Moss is a fashion label focused on crafting a narrative that intertwines heritage and activism. With a mission to challenge societal narratives, the brand utilizes its voice and platform to evoke dialogue. Its collections are manufactured in New York City, Italy, and Portugal, and Pyer Moss has gained recognition at prominent fashion events like Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Santos by Monica

Santos by Monica, a Latina-owned label situated in the heart of New York City, revolutionizes fashion perceptions. Embracing biomaterials, local manufacturing, and enduring design, we craft products that not only boast aesthetic appeal but also contribute positively to the planet.

Yayi by Yayi-Perez

Yayi Perez is a fashion designer from Puerto Rico. She is the founder of YAYI, a slow fashion brand for men and women that is designed and produced locally in Puerto Rico following conscious practices. The brand offers a wide range of clothing made in linen or cotton and sewn in small batches in the studio or via cottage industry seamstresses locally. The construction of the garments is made to last generations, pushing away consumerism and keeping the environment in mind1. YAYI experiments with quality finishes in ready-to-wear garments and is inspired by the absence of the sea and crafted with meticulous detail in its tailoring techniques

AnOnlyChild– Jamaica

AnOnlyChild is a fashion brand founded by designer Maxwell Osborne in 2021. The brand is committed to sustainability and uses surplus fabrics to create one-of-a-kind garments that stand the test of time. The brand’s collections are rooted in childlike wonder and endless creativity, inspired by the city. Osborne’s family is Jamaican. In his Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection, he looked at old footage and pictures of his family and reimagined those same outfits for today, updated but with the same cultural nuance. The silhouettes this season were informed by his West Indian heritage.

Fanm Mon– Haiti

Founded in 2013 by designer Lian Fanm Mon, Fanm Mon stands as a luxury women’s brand renowned for its vibrant motifs, delightful colours, fairytale silhouettes, and exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by nature and Haitian couture, each piece is meticulously made-to-order by a dedicated team of artisans, offering bold embroidery, vibrant hues, and sustainably crafted collections.

Trefle– British Virgin Islands

Originating in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Trèfle emerged in 2008 under the vision of lead designer Kristin Frazer. This luxury brand encompasses swimwear, resort wear, accessories, and home goods, emphasizing meticulous detail, quality, durability, and style. Kristin’s diverse inspirations drawn from travel, self-expression, and life experiences have propelled Trèfle to prominence, garnering attention from celebrities like Beyoncé, Chrisette Michele, and acclaimed features in publications such as Marie Claire, Essence, Ebony, Harper’s Bazaar, Travel + Leisure, among others.

Winifred Taylor– The Bahamas

Winifred Taylor is a Caribbean-owned fashion brand that specializes in swimwear. The brand was founded by Toronto-based designer Desiree D’Aguiar, who named it after her grandparents by combining her grandmother’s first name and her grandfather’s last name. Winifred Taylor’s designs are known for their unique blend of art and fashion, featuring sensual cuts, reversible designs, and collaborative textile creations. The brand’s swimwear is sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Isla & White– Dominican Republic

Isla & White, a women’s brand hailing from the Dominican Republic, presents collections exuding confidence and modern luxury through exclusive signature prints. Embracing a laidback Caribbean aesthetic with a contemporary edge, the brand evokes a colorful world of confident femininity and sophistication. Their luxury-grade designs fuse bold color palettes, vibrant prints, and elegant details, offering versatile looks that effortlessly transition from beach to city. Each piece is meticulously crafted using fine natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk, infusing a resort feel with free-flowing silhouettes and structured patterns, defining the brand’s unique aesthetic identity—a sophisticated Caribbean world awaits.

Stella Nolasco– Puerto Rico

Stella Nolasco, Puerto Rico’s renowned designer, adorns celebrities and fashion elites at prestigious global events. Recognized for her bold, artisan-crafted pieces, Nolasco intertwines ornate fabrics with hand-stitched laces and intricate beading, evoking Puerto Rico’s unique aesthetic from colonial to midcentury influences. Her luxuriant, post-modern creations exude a deep love for Latin spirit, captivating critics and exclusive clientele worldwide. She has showcased her collections at acclaimed Fashion Weeks in Paris and New York, garnering immense praise. Her designs have graced celebrities like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Laverne Cox, and others, and she collaborated with Hollywood actor and designer John Malkovich for his line, “Technobohemian.”

Chandra Maharaj– Brazil/Trinidad and Tobago

Chandra, deeply enamored with the world’s cultures, religions, and nature, translates her broad fascinations into her designs. With a decade of experience, she has defied limitations, showcasing immense determination. Born in Rio de Janeiro and now in Trinidad and Tobago, she intertwines both homes into her business, fostering employment in both countries. Supported by many, she shares her slow fashion, frequency boosting products, and exquisite crystal jewelry globally. Her mission centers on continuous growth, evolution, and ethical, sustainable practices that resonate with the heart of the earth.

Carolina Socias Beachwear– Dominican Republic

Carolina Socías established her eponymous label in 2013, aiming to showcase the Dominican Republic on the global fashion stage. Her expressive designs represent a commitment to uplifting her country’s presence internationally. Focused on creating durable, flattering ensembles and swimwear, Socías excels in empowering women, highlighting their attributes through her designs. Previously, Socías collaborated as a designer with the renowned Dominican lifestyle brand, Jenny Polanco, from 2012. This pivotal experience granted her comprehensive insight into fashion, manufacturing, and distribution within the local industry. Immersed in Polanco’s world for 11 years, Socías further solidified her passion for using her work to spotlight her culture.

Haveli– Jamaica

Haveli, a fashion label based in Jamaica, showcases handmade, versatile garments designed to adapt to various body types, emphasizing evolving styles for wearers. Mina Robertson, the founder and creative director, envisions Haveli as a celebration of easy elegance, divine femininity, and legacy fashion. The brand’s debut collection features relaxed silhouettes, bold prints, and vibrant colors, aiming to redefine luxury. Haveli has gained recognition in publications like the Jamaica Observer and offers its products for purchase on its website.

Miakalani Swim– Jamaica

Welcome to Miakalani Swim, where Jamaican vibrancy meets handcrafted swim and resort wear. Brittany Johnson, the brand’s creative force, hails from Kingston, deeply influenced by Jamaica’s natural beauty. Embracing her passion for fashion since 21, she blends artistry and design, encapsulating the island’s spirit in each piece. Miakalani Swim celebrates individuality, crafting high-quality, thoughtfully designed pieces for confidence and style. The brand’s commitment to excellence extends to premium fabrics, ensuring luxurious comfort and durability. It’s more than fashion; it’s a tribute to Jamaican culture and creative essence, inviting you to experience the island’s warmth and energy through each meticulously crafted piece.

Rosa Boga- Dominican Republic

Located and meticulously crafted in the Dominican Republic, Rosa Boga stands as a women’s Prêt-à-porter and bespoke clothing brand. Infused with vibrant energy, the brand’s identity is defined by ethereal, contemporary, structured, and geometric pieces, reflecting the designer’s background in interior design. Rosalba’s vision involves creating novel shapes by blending “old” textiles with innovative ones, utilizing the art of moulage and experimenting with fabric shapes to refine the design process. Drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna of the Dominican Republic, the brand carefully selects fine fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Emphasizing femininity, each piece underscores meticulous attention to detail, structure, silhouettes, and fit, aiming to empower the wearer.

DTS Swim– Jamaica

Raised on the picturesque island of Jamaica, Daniela developed an enduring affinity for the sun, sand, and sea. Her perpetual fondness for donning bikinis led her to venture into creating her line of swimsuits back in 2018. At DTS SWIM, meticulous attention is given to designing styles that cater to all body shapes and sizes, embracing cuts that accentuate the female form, highlighting every curve gracefully. Catering to women seeking confidence and allure, each piece boasts a unique touch, offering something distinct and innovative. Crafted with love, enthusiasm, and a hint of YAWD VIBES, DTS SWIM invites you to immerse yourself in its world of swimwear excellence.

Maria Calderon– Dominican Republic

Maria Isabel Calderon, an emerging and driven designer behind the brand “Maria Calderon” developed a passion for fashion and design at a tender age. What began as a hobby evolved into her primary means of self-expression. Her brand showcases multiple collections brimming with originality and simplicity, reflecting Maria’s creative vision.

AYOLA– Barbados

Introducing Blessing Olaniyi, a passionate sewing enthusiast! Her journey began on the picturesque island of Barbados, surrounded by a sewing machine from an early age. Inspired by her mother’s craftsmanship in creating uniforms and matching outfits, she gradually evolved from threading needles to designing her own clothes. Despite earning an Associates Degree in Fashion Design, her true passion ignited while working at a leather repair shop, nurturing her love for handbags. Embracing her love for sewing and design, Blessing encapsulates the essence of the Caribbean in her creations, aiming to transport wearers to the islands through fabric, color, and style.

Kimmysticclo– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Kimmysticclo, a women’s wear design firm situated in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, was one of the ten Caribbean fashion designers chosen to present their brands at the Autumn Fair Moda held in the UK in September 2022.

Rhea Imani– Jamaica

Rhea Imani is a luxury resort and loungewear brand that offers a range of handmade caftans, swimsuits, and loungewear pieces for the traveler and wanderlust at heart. The brand is based in Negril, Jamaica.

Scorcesa– Haiti

Inspired by his multicultural roots and catering to modern brides, Charles C. Dieujuste’s Scorcesa brand offers timeless, non-traditional bridal looks through vivid colors and intricate beadwork. The collection embodies urban elegance, appealing to cosmopolitan brides globally with its innovative use of textiles and craftsmanship. After overcoming the 2010 Haiti earthquake’s adversity, Dieujuste established his brand in New York City, fusing Haiti’s natural vibrancy with urban sophistication. His background in finance, design, and fashion marketing shapes Scorcesa’s unique aesthetic.

Johanna Ortiz– Colombia

Established in 2003 in Cali, Colombia, Johanna Ortiz has burgeoned over two decades organically and ethically, assembling collections that exude feminine strength and beauty. From its genesis as a swimwear line, the brand has evolved into a global entity, infusing Latin-inspired allure into Ready-to-Wear, Swim, Accessories, and Home collections. Each piece, a fusion of intricate artistry and the allure of nature, celebrates the brand’s ethos, channeling the vibrant essence of the tropics across the globe.

Jovana Louis– Haiti

With a background in sewing and knitting alongside family members, Jovana Benoit, the Creative Director behind Jovana Louis, embarked on her fashion journey at a tender age. Relocating to Paris in 2010, she delved into fashion design, realizing her dream after years of honing her distinctive style. Jovana Louis’ apparel is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite quality, and a precise fit tailored to accentuate the female form. Embracing a fusion of French, Caribbean, and Asian influences, her designs reflect a vibrant cultural blend.

Kokolishi- Curaçao

Kokolishi originated from a small island known as Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean, deriving its name from the local language Papiamentu, which signifies “Shell.” The essence of Kokolishi lies in the profound significance of the creation process and the connections formed. Embracing the Golden ratio or Divine proportion, its emblem symbolizes growth from a humble origin, spiralling upward with precise timing and connections, embodying purity. Every product from Kokolishi is meticulously hand-illustrated and designed, reflecting adoration for the island and its people. The brand espouses the belief that every individual holds unique worth. Through their creations, Kokolishi aims to foster unity, love, strength, and personal significance within a thriving community.

Haus of Assembly– The Bahamas

Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Aidan Anais Barrow spent her childhood summers in Exuma, assisting her grandmother in crafting straw and woven handbags. Returning to the city, they sold these creations at the local straw market, witnessing the delight of customers taking home their work. Recognizing the uniqueness of Bahamian materials, Aidan founded Haus of Assembly in 2016. This resortwear brand celebrates bold prints, handcrafted products, and native materials, drawing inspiration from the country’s allure. Embracing nature’s beauty, the brand presents timeless designs adorned with vivid hand-drawn graphics, echoing the vibrant essence of the Bahamas. Local craftsmen contribute to the label’s production, promoting a sustainable lifecycle. Haus of Assembly offers sophisticated prints, clean lines, and a distinctive mix-and-match style for an eclectic yet harmonious look.

BAHARI– Bahamas

Known for its Bahamian luxury, Bahari stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, reshaping the fashion and lifestyle landscape in The Bahamas within a decade. The brand’s journey commenced in 2014 with the launch of its inaugural independence collection, celebrating The Bahamas’ 41st year of Independence with vibrant, modernized Independence t-shirts, warmly embraced by patrons. Building upon this success, Bahari expanded its offerings with a full apparel collection in November 2014, establishing its maiden retail outlet in Freeport, Bahamas.

Aaron Moneer Designs– Trinidad and Tobago/Guyana

Aaron Moneer, a fashion designer hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, originally from Guyana, recently clinched victory in Season 7 of Mission Catwalk. Relocating with his family to Trinidad and Tobago at the age of four, his foray into the fashion world commenced at fourteen, culminating in the establishment of his brand, “Moneer Designs.” His diverse repertoire spans custom-made, resort, and ready-to-wear attire for both genders. Among his notable achievements are showcases at Barbados Fashion Week and Suriname Fashion Week. Additionally, Aaron spearheaded “Island Fashion Week TT,” fostering collaborations with Suriname Fashion Week to facilitate model and designer exchanges, aimed at enhancing business prospects and networking opportunities.

Jaer Caban– Puerto Rico

Jaer Cabán, a Puerto Rican fashion designer, pursued Fashion Design studies at both the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico. He established TAG by Jaer Cabán, a sophisticated women’s clothing line entirely crafted and conceived in Puerto Rico with a global market appeal. His brand encapsulates a subtle essence of tropical life, incorporating its captivating elements such as idyllic beaches, exotic flora, year-round delightful weather, and the diverse populace. Tailored to meet the demands of busy women, these designs offer fine designer clothing for those with minimal time for shopping but a penchant for elegance.

Kitanilly– Trinidad and Tobago

Based in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Kitanilly stands as a fashion brand renowned for its expertise in crafting handmade, ready-to-wear clothing.

Harry Robles– Puerto Rico

Based in Puerto Rico, Harry Robles distinguishes himself as a fashion designer known for his specialization in creating bespoke evening and bridal dresses.

Santo Sunday– Dominican Republic

Azede Jean-Pierre– Haiti

Azede Jean-Pierre, a Haitian-American fashion designer born in Pestel, Haiti, relocated to the United States at six years old. Renowned for her impeccable taste and design prowess, she has captivated stylish women globally, counting Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles among her admirers. Launching her line in 2012, Azede gained prominence for her outfits worn by Michelle Obama and her cover feature in Essence Magazine. Her designs, drawing inspiration from her heritage, span bespoke, resort, and ready-to-wear attire for both genders. Notably, she collaborated with Gucci for a limited-edition knitwear collection titled “Azède Powered by Gucci.

DéNalli– Jamaica

At 25, Ali McNally stands as a pioneering force in Jamaica’s fashion scene through his brand, DeNalli. Initially drawn to visual arts and interior design, Ali’s fascination with fashion blossomed as he reveled in creating striking ensembles from diverse pieces. His passion solidified during a two-year fashion study at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, hinting at a life devoted to fashion.

DeNalli, his brainchild, specializes in streetwear accessories and tactical fashion. Inspired by tactical gear and bag straps, the brand’s hallmark harnesses emerged. McNally crafted his inaugural harness for the musician Jada Kingdom, using mere straps, igniting her admiration. This led to custom pieces for her music videos “Medicine” and “Banana,” showcasing his distinct style and innovation.

Taylor M– Trinidad and Tobago

Blac Flamingo Apparel– Barbados

Blac Flamingo Apparel, an Afro-Caribbean label, focuses on crafting garments adorned with intricate decorative knots. Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, the brand garnered recognition through its participation in the FireFly Barbados Fashion Virtual Event 2021.

MAK.E.IBA- Barbados

Mak-E.Iba, a Barbadian designer, discovered crochet at the age of 12 under the guidance of their mother and aunt. Initially crafting a single doily, their interest lay dormant until a move to Germany led them to a design position at Adidas Y-3. Amidst quarantine, newfound spare time reignited their passion for crochet.

BVstylez– Haiti

BVstylez stands as an embodiment of wanderlust, black history, travel necessity, and fashion statements combined. Each creation tells the story of Haitian women and men, notably those from the Haitian Revolution. Their names, emblazoned on bags, honour their contributions to liberty and human rights, symbolizing pride and respect. The brand intricately weaves this rich historical narrative into its designs.

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