42 Caribbean-Owned Candle Brands To Add To Your Space In 2024

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There’s something magical about the warm glow of a candle. It can instantly transform a space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. If you’re a candle lover looking to support Caribbean-owned businesses, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll introduce you to forty incredible Caribbean-owned candle brands that are sure to light up your life. These are just a few of the incredible Caribbean-owned candle brands out there. Whether you’re looking for a fruity and tropical scent or a soothing and relaxing aroma, there’s a Caribbean-owned candle brand for you. So go ahead, light up your space with the warmth and beauty of these amazing candles, while supporting Caribbean entrepreneurs at home and in the diaspora.

1. Sende Candles- Aruba

Sende Candles, crafted with care by two close friends, embody the essence of Aruba. Infused with phrases from the founders’ native language, Papiamento, these soy wax creations represent a fusion of culture and creativity. Each candle reflects the founders’ dedication, inviting individuals to embrace Aruban charm or offer a meaningful gift. These aromatic candles celebrate friendship, sharing traditions, and infusing spaces with warmth and cultural richness.

2. Vela Negra- Cuba & Guyana

Vela Negra, a candle brand, prioritizes quality, subtle luxury, and sustainability. Meticulously selecting ingredients and packaging, the brand ensures clean-burning, premium candles for an exceptional customer experience. They employ vegan coconut soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and ethically sourced wooden wicks for non-toxic materials.

Crafted with black wax, symbolizing dispelling negative energies and offering clarity, Vela Negra’s candles signify new beginnings. Inspired by the Afro-Cuban and Guyanese heritage of its founder, Aisha Cort, the brand reflects her Afro-Latina identity and academic research.

3. BKLYN MOSS- Dominica

BKLYN MOSS, founded by Nara, a tech professional seeking a creative outlet, emerged during the pandemic while residing in Brooklyn, delving into candle-making. Experimenting in her kitchen, she navigated the balance and chemistry of waxes, wicks, and fragrances, ultimately crafting small-batch candles using sustainably sourced materials. Inspired by Dominica, her homeland, the signature collection evokes nostalgic scents of guavas, passionfruit vines, and almond essence. BKLYN MOSS aims to transport users to their most comforting space, reflecting Nara’s passion for sharing tranquility through candles. A portion of sales supports STEM and art-based youth programs.

4. Divinely Soulish- Grenada

Based in Saint George, Grenada, Soulish presents an enchanting line of scented candles. The brand’s name, “Soulish,” hints at a soulful connection, reflecting the meticulous crafting of their candles with care and purpose.

5. Lights & Scents- St. Lucia

Lights & Scents, a St. Lucian luxury brand specializing in natural, artisanal candle and soap production, prioritizes delivering meticulously handcrafted goods for customers’ senses and skin. Drawing inspiration from nature’s beauty and virtues, the company meticulously creates premium candles and soaps using the purest ingredients and utmost care.

6. Tribal Unicorn Candle Bar- St. Lucia and Guyana

Tribal Unicorn Candle Bar, is an ethically conscious lifestyle brand situated in London. The brand focuses on luxury fragrance and home decor, boasting a striking and vibrant aesthetic and catering to enthusiasts known as ‘Candle Freaks’. Their environmentally friendly, hand-poured, and hand-decorated candles ensure a cleaner burn and prolonged enjoyment. Committed to charitable contributions, a portion of each sale supports selected causes.

7. Laura Alexis Candles- Jamaica

Laura Alexis, creator of Laura Alexis Homemade Candles, inherited a love for pleasant home scents from her mother. After a health hiatus in 2015, her passion for organic living and aromatic experiences led her to research, crafting her candles with organic elements like activated charcoal and coconut oil. Encouraged by her partner, she embarked on her candle-making journey, infusing Jamaican culture into each scent, resulting in the birth of her brand.

9. La Botica- Dominican Republic

La Botica, a luxury fragrance brand founded by Latinx individuals and based in New York City, curates sustainable products for intentional self-care rituals. Their range encompasses candles, body lotions, and perfumes, with all ingredients sourced from South America. The brand’s name, meaning “pharmacy” in Spanish, mirrors its dedication to clean formulations, concrete candles, and plant-based ingredients, deeply rooted in cultural homage and environmental reverence. Despite being situated in New York City, La Botica draws inspiration and materials from the diverse, vibrant landscapes of South America.

10. Ruupa Boutique- Trinidad and Tobago

Ruupa, a conscious luxury brand, originating from Trinidad and Tobago, offers artisanal bath and body products. Their fragrant creations invite mindfulness and presence. With a focus on conscious luxury, Ruupa’s scented candles and body products bring Caribbean essence to discerning senses. 

11. Choiselle- St. Lucia

Choiselle, a luxurious skincare brand, finds inspiration in the lush landscapes and vibrant flora of St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean. Their candles blend tradition, nature, and luxury seamlessly. Crafted from coconut wax renowned for its clean burn, these candles offer longevity surpassing soy alternatives. The wooden wicks crackle softly, creating a cozy ambiance. Notable scents like Lavender, Lemongrass, and Ylang Ylang are featured. Paying homage to St. Lucia’s botanical treasures, each candle encapsulates the island’s essence. They evoke Caribbean spirit, perfect for unwinding or setting a special mood.

12. Natural Annie Essentials/Candle Making Bar- Jamaica

NaturalAnnie Essentials, a lifestyle brand, specializes in crafting home fragrances inspired by the tropics, evoking a feel-good ambiance. Their non-toxic, natural soy candles infuse homes with vibrant scents, uplifting moods, and beckoning to an escape to tropical paradises. A black, caribbean woman-owned and family-operated business, NaturalAnnie Essentials manufactures all products in their Bridgeport, Connecticut studio, ensuring superior quality. Influenced by Jamaican heritage, Annie’s mastery in scent manipulation transports users to tropical havens.

13. Native Caribbean- Barbados

The candles at Native aren’t just ordinary. Lighting one sparks an immersive experience, igniting the senses. Powered by premium coconut wax, these candles promise exceptional performance—providing a clean, even burn and a consistent, captivating fragrance throughout the room. Each scent isn’t just a typical aroma; it’s a journey to the Eastern Caribbean, offering a VIP pass to history, flavors, festivals, and folklore dating back over 400 years. These scents transform homes into Caribbean hotspots, delivering an extraordinary ambiance. Elevate your space with Native’s coconut wax candles and bid farewell to the ordinary.

14. Galt & Marie- Trinidad and Tobago

Galt & Maree Apothecary Co. originated in 2016, borne from the shared delight of business partners Andrew Galt and Christiaan Maree in concocting captivating scents using exotic oils. Their mutual passion evolved into crafting a symphony of fragrances melded with premium soy wax, prompting the inception of their candle-making business. Their commitment lies in selecting the finest fragrance and essential oils. Before finalizing any choice, rigorous testing and reliance on focus groups ensure public approval. Using premium materials for their soy wax and scents remains a priority. Their vow is that each candle not only emits an enduring scent but also creates a lasting memory.

15. Isla Antilles- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Isla Antilles presents an exquisite collection of artisanal creations from St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Their offerings include all-natural soy and paraffin phthalate-free candles, carefully crafted to emanate captivating scents while ensuring a clean burn. The brand also showcases bespoke cement trays and coasters, each meticulously handmade, adding a touch of bespoke elegance to any space. Every piece from Isla Antilles is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and the rich heritage of the Antilles region.

16.Candle Hut- Barbados

Based in Barbados, Candle Hut Barbados is an artisanal candle company known for its specialty in crafting distinctive candles inspired by sea shells and marine life. Offering a delightful selection of handmade candles, whether for decorative purposes or fragrant gifting, their products not only bring warmth to homes but also act as natural mosquito repellents. With an assortment ranging from tealights to 3-wick candles and reed diffusers, Candle Hut caters to diverse preferences.

17. Albisa Candles- Cuba

Albisa Candles, renowned for their Signature Cuban Collection, presents a range of scents inspired by Cuba. Each candle captures the essence of the Caribbean, emanating warmth and vibrancy through fragrances that encompass tropical fruits, tobacco, and spices. Their candles feature scents such as coquito, arroz con leche and cuban bread.

18. Isla 84 NYC- Dominican Republic

Isla 84 NYC, conceived by Josefina Torres, a cosmetologist, and Mercedes Estevez, a registered nurse—two single Latina mothers from the Dominican Republic raised in New York City—pays homage to their homeland. This brand encapsulates luxury candles and curated items inspired by the Dominican Republic, each candle named after a city in the DR. In early 2022, driven by both financial needs and their passion, the aunt and niece duo embarked on this venture. Crafted in small batches, their candles utilize premium natural ingredients like virgin coconut soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and ethically sourced wooden wicks. Eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free, their products uphold a commitment to quality and sustainability.

19. Vetiver Les Cayes- Haiti

Vetiver Les Cayes (VLC) operates as a global lifestyle brand, showcasing Haiti’s natural resources through artisanal, small-batch products. Their mission aims to uplift Haiti’s image by offering eco-conscious consumers unique, design-forward items crafted from natural essential oils like Vetiver, Amyris, and Moringa. Using locally grown essential oils, VLC crafts hand-poured candles with refreshing scents and artisanal soap bars. The “savon espwa” line, meaning “soap of hope,” is exclusively handmade by Haitian women.

20. Kandles by Kay- Belize

Kandles by Kay, a Belizean-owned venture, specializes in hand-pouring soy and beeswax candles, melts, room sprays, and bath steamers. Their dedication to craftsmanship reflects in each product, meticulously handmade with a commitment to quality, offering a diverse range of aromatic experiences.

21. Wright’s Wicks- The Bahamas

Established in 2020 in Nassau, Bahamas, Wright’s Wicks emerged from the vision of a young Bahamian candle enthusiast. Disappointed by mass-produced candles lacking a satisfying hot throw after being lit, the founder aimed to create superior quality candles at reasonable prices. Inspired by Bahamian life, Wright’s Wicks endeavors to captivate candle enthusiasts worldwide. Their products have scented numerous Bahamian homes, and the company anticipates future growth and expansion.

22. JAG Essential Candles- British Virgin Islands

JAG ESSENTIAL CANDLES sprang to life out of a passion for delightful fragrances. Fueled by a desire for a clean home emanating the sweet scents of candles, the founders, after discovering the harmful effects of many store-bought candles, embarked on creating their own. Their collections embody a true “Caribbean Flava,” aiming to encompass the essence of various Caribbean islands. They plan to expand their Caribbean Collection to embrace more islands, inviting customers to explore their favorite scents linked to their beloved destinations on the website.

23. Dream Candles- Guadeloupe

DREAM CANDLES presents a line of high-end, environmentally friendly candles meticulously crafted from top-quality ingredients. Their exclusive use of premium soy waxes, known for cleaner and longer burning compared to paraffin-based candles, ensures a superior experience. GMO-free and pesticide-free, their candles prioritize sustainability. Proudly artisanal, each candle is handmade in Guadeloupe, infused with fragrances from Grasse, promising top-notch quality.

24. La Bougie Aimée- Martinique

La Bougie Aimée is a brand of handmade and natural candles based in Martinique. They are made of soy wax and come in a variety of scents. The candles are decorated with natural stones that can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. La Bougie Aimée also offers a range of rechargeable candles

25. Paradise Candles- Aruba

Paradise Candles in Aruba offers 100% organic soy wax candles, handcrafted by a couple in Aruba. These candles, made with care, illuminate moments, providing an opportunity to brighten up your surroundings.

26. Loto del Sur- Colombia

Founded in 1999 by Johana Sanint, Loto Del Sur, based in Colombia, is renowned for encapsulating the opulence and vibrancy of the American continent. Utilizing the full spectrum of its flora and employing scientific rigor, the brand celebrates and captures the essence of the region.

27. The Candle Shop- Belize

The Candle Shop offers soy-based scented candles, meticulously handcrafted and poured in small batches within Belize. Their products are available for shipping nationwide across the country.

28. Little Otter Candles- Guyana

Little Otter Candles & Melts emerged during the challenging period of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, aiming to inspire and uplift daily life. Founded to offer encouragement, their candles are meticulously hand-poured in small batches, fostering relaxation and a worry-free atmosphere. Promoting a healthy, chemical-free environment, their candles serve as an alternative for homes. Each candle is labelled with messages centred around self-worth, self-confidence, and motivation, adding a positive touch to their products.

29. Wax Worx- Barbados

Wax Worx, established in 2002, finds its roots in the passion of owner and candlemaker Stacey. Hailing from Barbados, Stacey honed her craft under the guidance of a local candlemaking company’s Chandler before it ceased operations. In Barbados, Stacey and her team meticulously hand-pour all candles using natural waxes and wicks. Their scents consist of either Essential Oils or Phthalate-free options, and upon request, they offer 100% beeswax candles.

30. St. Lucy Botanists- Barbados

St. Lucy Botanists, based in the picturesque Saint James, Barbados, is a natural perfumer that crafts exquisite fragrances inspired by the lush Caribbean environment. Their candles and perfumes evoke the essence of the Caribbean and include scents such as Rum Punch, Beach House, Trade Winds and Sweetie Lady.

31. Starfish Oils- Jamaica

Starfish Oils, a delightful Jamaican brand, weaves fragrant magic inspired by the sun-kissed Caribbean. Their pillar candles and incense sticks, adorned with vibrant or subtle colors, create moods and transport minds to distant places. Whether it’s tranquility or the aroma of renowned coffee, these candles set the scene

32. Brio-Che- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Brio Che is an all-natural brand renowned for its range of candles, soap, coconut oil, and body butter. Their candle collection embodies Caribbean aromas, reflecting the essence of the region. These vegetarian candles are GMO-free, eco-friendly, and certified organic, featuring scents like “Tropical Fruit Bliss,” “Lemongrass Heaven,” “Island Spice Delight,” and “Zesty Caribbean Mint.” Operating in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, their products are accessible locally in Kingstown.

33. Ahmazing Aromas- Grenada and Barbados

For captivating scented candles that elevate your living space, Ahmazing Aromas stands out as a noteworthy small business. Established by Angie, known as the “Island Queen,” these hand-poured candles offer an array of scents, from vanilla and red rose to pineapple sage and Jamaica mi crazy, enriching your ambiance.

34. Island Wicks- St. Kitts & Nevis

Crafted in St. Kitts and Nevis, Island Wicks presents handcrafted scented candles. Their collection includes enticing fragrances like Bamboo Coconut, pineapple sage, sea salt and orchid and coco butter cashmere.

35. Melanin Minds- Jamaica

Founded during the peak of the Global Pandemic, Melanin Minds was established by Alexandra, an Event Manager who faced redundancy after being furloughed. Initially focused on raising mental health awareness for the melanin community, the brand evolved to offer Caribbean-inspired candles. The signature Caribbean collection, launched in October 2020, features scents like Hummingbird, Crop Over, and the best-selling Zouk Ti Punch, celebrating Black Culture and promoting self-care. Hand-poured with 100% soy coconut wax, lead-free wicks, and non-toxic diffuser base, their products come in biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable packaging. The brand’s scents aim to uplift moods and evoke memories, with Zouk Ti Punch being a favorite. Melanin Minds expanded to offer a home collection, wax snaps, and mini candles for travel, all handcrafted with love in small batches.

36. Architecty Studio LLC- Haiti

Architecty Studio celebrates creativity intertwining horticulture, candle making, and architecture with sustainability. Founded by Sheila Noël and inspired by ancestral candle crafting, it merges heritage with agronomy. Embracing architecture as a narrative, it shapes spaces of beauty and function. It’s a haven where creativity and innovation flourish, inviting all with a childlike imagination. They are based in Brooklyn, New York.

37. Handmade by Kae- Trinidad and Tobago (Based in Barbados)

Situated in Barbados, Handmade by Kae was founded by Trinidadian siblings, Kristle Jeffers and Kimberly Jeffers. Originating in Kristle’s kitchen and expanding under both sisters, they offer artisanal body care and aromatherapy products, emphasizing quality natural ingredients. From locally sourced goats’ milk soaps to mango and shea butter lotions, coconut and soy wax candles, infused hair and body oils, and handcrafted ceramic soap dishes, their range enriches skin and hair. With eco-friendly packaging, their journey began handmade and has grown through local markets, partnerships with shops like My Collection Barbados and Harrison’s Cave, eventually opening a physical store in Canewood, Barbados.

38. L’Afrique Candle Company- Haiti

The L’Afrique Candle Company, founded by a Haitian entrepreneur, specializes in handcrafted soy candles, offering personalized orders. With a choice of 19 diverse scents, each fragrance embodies a unique spectrum. By infusing natural aromas from various African and Caribbean regions, the company authentically encapsulates the refreshing essence of Africa and its rich culture.

39. Ray Scents Company- Trinidad and Tobago

Luxurious, beautifully scented essentials for your spaces. Handcrafted candles, diffusers, melts, and room/linen mists originating from Trinidad and Tobago.

40. The Body Bar Co- Trinidad and Tobago

Crafted in small, exclusive batches, every product undergoes meticulous creation with premium raw materials to maximize benefits. Exclusively incorporating natural butters and pure oils along with a premium fusion of soy and coconut waxes matched with chemical-free scents.

41. Cat’s House of Wax- Dominican Republic

Cat’s House of Wax, also known as Catherine’s House of Wax, had its origins as a hobby in 2014 when Catherine sought solace for a bustling mind. Starting by crafting candles as heartfelt gifts for loved ones, this pastime swiftly transformed into a thriving business venture. Every creation within the House of Wax is meticulously handcrafted and produced in small batches, ensuring a personalized touch for each customer.

The core ethos driving Catherine’s House of Wax is encapsulated in its mission: “to fashion opulent, high-quality goods at an accessible price point.” Committed to quality and ethical production, all candles are exclusively crafted from 100% soy wax. The entire range of candles and other merchandise available in the store is not only cruelty-free but also devoid of phthalates, prioritizing both the planet and the well-being of its patrons.

42. Modest Scentsations- Trinidad and Tobago

Adorned with diverse roles as a mother, wife, employee, friend, student, and Entrepreneur, their entrepreneurial journey sparked at 25. Modest Scentsations emerged after years of exploring ideas. Candle-making became their sanctuary, bringing solace amid life’s demands. They extend tranquility through bespoke crafts and scents, aiming to elevate daily life for clients.

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