23 Caribbean-Owned Skincare Brands To Add To Your Beauty Arsenal

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The beauty of the islands is so much more than its picturesque beaches and lush landscapes. Known for its vibrant culture, its yearly carnivals, and an array of natural resources, the region and by extension its Diaspora, boasts a plethora of skincare brands that encapsulate the essence of Caribbean charm and harness the power of indigenous ingredients. From the Dominican Republic to Martinique to Jamaica, these twenty-one Caribbean-owned skincare brands blend tradition, innovation, and a touch of tropical magic to nurture your skin. Embrace the charm and efficacy of these local treasures and elevate your beauty arsenal with products inspired by the sun-kissed Caribbean islands.

My Emollient (Jamaica)

Seven years ago, faced with eczema, Keeshagaye Whitter explored numerous remedies, finding most “natural” products lacking in authenticity. Dissatisfied, she delved into research, formulating My Emollient. Launched in 2020, her toxin-free, vitamin-rich line prioritizes skin health and eco-friendliness, redefining clean beauty with a conscious approach to skincare.

Asevida– Bermuda

Shannon Cann, a lawyer and herbalist, established Asevida, driven by her dedication to skincare and wellness. Raised in Bermuda, her deep reverence for nature led to a mission-driven approach centered on clean ingredients, sustainability, and community support. Inspired by a life-changing event post-law school, Shannon embraced wellness, incorporating mindfulness and adaptogenic herbs to combat stress. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2017 with ASE Naturals, earning global recognition and awards, prompting the evolution into Asevida, merging botanicals and adaptogens for targeted skincare solutions.

Republica Skin (Dominican Republic)

Inspired by her Dominican Republic origins, Julissa Bermudez crafted república skin, a celebration of Caribbean heritage through clean body care. Embracing natural ingredients, this line promises skin sweet as sugar™. Seeking the perfect body treatment led Julissa to create a brand that connects users to Caribbean roots. Experience a daily ritual that transports you to the Caribbean with república skin.

Immortelle Beauty- Trinidad and Tobago

Immortelle Beauty, established in 2010 by cosmetic chemist Kathryn Nurse, aims to create “Little Local Luxuries.” Their cosmetics encapsulate an aspirational Caribbean lifestyle, catering to women seeking an authentic Caribbean experience while embracing beauty empowerment. Proudly crafted in Trinidad & Tobago, their products showcase the fusion of sophistication with local essence, disproving the notion that sophistication and local charm are mutually exclusive. Immortelle Beauty, rooted in the local ethos, aspires to meet global standards, offering affordable local luxury with an international appeal.

Sweet July Skin (Jamaica)

In her culinary-driven journey, Ayesha Curry discovered the parallel between quality ingredients in food and skincare. Inspired by her mother and grandmother’s wisdom on Caribbean ingredients, she fused guava, papaya, and lychee seeds into effective skincare creating Sweet July Skin. Combining rich superfoods with potent actives, her three-year venture crafts clean formulas for a revitalizing self-care experience.

Cedros Bay– Trinidad & Tobago

Cedros Bay, an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line, harnesses 100% organic Coconut Oil from a Caribbean coconut farm in Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago. Advocating transparency and sustainability, they promote Farm to Skin Beauty, emphasizing Clean Caribbean Beauty and sharing the secrets of radiant skin with the world.

Be Blessed Skincare & Beauty (Barbados)

Be Blessed Skincare and Beauty, rooted in Barbados, is your ultimate destination for luxurious self-care. Offering natural, gender-neutral, and skin-loving handmade products, they began in 2019 with a mission to deliver premium quality. Their dedication reflects in every product, aiming to provide an exceptional experience for their customers.

Kadalys (Martinique)

In 2012, Shirley Billot established KADALYS, the pioneering eco-conscious brand specializing in banana science. Inspired by parental activism and a diverse heritage, she aimed to create skincare for all skin types, tones, and climates. With a mission to preserve the environment, her company focuses on ethical skincare, advocating green chemistry, inclusive capitalism, and a circular economy, embodying a vision of holistic beauty committed to health, sustainability, and equality.

Perfec-Tone (Bahamas)

In the quest to solve skin issues among people with melanin-rich skin tones, nurse Lila Pinder noticed a gap in effective treatments, inspiring her to create her skincare brand in 1980. After perfecting formulas suitable for all, her son Arron joined in 2010 as CEO, revitalizing and rebranding the family-operated business to Perfec-Tone, catering to a global clientele.

Cay Skin (Jamaica)

After experiencing sunburn complications during a Bahamas photoshoot due to avoiding sunscreen for aesthetic reasons, Winnie Harlow decided to bridge the gap between effective sun protection and maintaining glowing skin. This prompted the birth of Cay Skin: Daily suncare that shields, enriches, and illuminates all skin types, catering to diverse tones and conditions without leaving a white cast. Winnie’s dedication stems from a commitment to empowering others to embrace their unique skin stories without compromise.

Finca Maravilla (Puerto Rico)

Crafted in Rincon, Puerto Rico, the skincare line by Finca Maravilla embodies nature’s curative essence. These products are produced at their farm and utilize traditional herbalism and basic processing techniques. They’re crafted from botanicals grown or wild-harvested at the finca, reflecting a sustainable approach honouring nature’s abundance and the earth’s generosity.

Only You Skincare (Guyana)

@onlyyouskincare Hey, fam! MJ here – the brains, heart, and Caribbean spice behind Only You Skincare! 🌿✨ At OYS, we're all about harnessing the power of nature. Our products? Think plants, flowers, and food grade ingredients! My wise grandparents used to say, * in Guyanese accent* "If you cahnt eat it, it nah gwan pon di skin”! And we live by that at Only You Skincare. So you can trust that what you're putting on your skin is safe & pure! 🍃🥑 Stay confident and worry-free with Only You Skincare! Catch you on the radiant side. 🌟 At OYS this month, we’re getting up close and personal with you, besties! Chat with us below 👇🏽 💐✨ What does beauty mean to you? 🌱 #OYSFamily #onlyyouskincare #organicskincare #sustainablebeauty #luxuryskincare #skincareforall #forhimforherforourplanet #naturalbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #greenbeauty #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #crueltyfreebeauty #guyanesegirl #melaninbeauty #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #glowingskin #healthybeauty #OMBW ♬ original sound – Only You Skincare

Founded by Cosmetic Chemist and CEO Moriah June- Only You Skincare represents a Black Owned – Caribbean American beauty brand dedicated to plant-based, herbal, & organic solutions for individuals and the environment. Their small-batch products use pure essential oils, locally sourced herbs, and extracts from Brooklyn and Ghana. Committed to ethical sourcing, they advocate for skin-friendly ingredients, emphasizing their belief in skin-to-bloodstream connection. All offerings are certified organic, vegan, and food-grade, aligning with their philosophy that skincare should be as nourishing as what we consume.

Cultured Naturals Body Care US Virgin Islands

Founded by Ramone Reid in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Cultured Naturals Body Care emerged from her health journey post-cancer diagnosis. Ramone, a nurse, chemist, and young female entrepreneur, crafts toxin-free, vegan skincare and home scent products. The brand’s body lotions feature herb and essential oil infusions, utilizing ingredients like Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Noni, Papaya, and more, promoting safety for all ages.

Terra-Tory (Jamaica/Trinidad and Tobago)

Terra-Tory, a remarkable skincare and wellness brand, specializes in providing skin nourishment and hydration through clean products. This Caribbean-owned company prioritizes addressing Eczema and hyper-sensitivity. Their offerings contain superfoods like papaya, plantains, and seamoss, ensuring optimal body nourishment. Emphasizing healthy beauty and sustainable practices, they aim to soothe and nourish troubled skin.

Kreyol Essence (KE)Haiti

Yve-Car Momperousse serves as the CEO and co-founder of Kreyol Essence (KE), an agribusiness crafting ethical personal care items from Haiti. Founded in 2014 by Yve-Car and partner Stephane Jean Baptiste, KE utilizes Haitian Black Castor Oil, Moringa Oil, and Vetiver in plant-based products, catering to hair and skin needs. The brand collaborates with retailers like ULTA, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods Market, and Wegmans, intertwining sales with economic growth in Haiti. Over 300 farmers and women have found employment through the company’s initiatives, marking a dedication to social impact and environmental improvement. Shop the brand here.

Island Organics Skincare– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Archipelago Beauty– The Bahamas

Archipelago Beauty specializes in crafting natural, clean beauty essentials sourced from the stunning islands of The Bahamas. Inspired by the islands’ rich resources, they developed marine-based products highlighting native flora, fruits, and ocean elements. Utilizing ancestral wisdom, they’ve created safe, effective ingredients benefiting all skin types, prioritizing sustainability and preserving Earth’s offerings for future generations.

Caribbean Blue Naturals St. Lucia

Originating from St. Lucia, Caribbean Blue Naturals began over two decades ago after a mosquito bite sparked the creation of their first product, a natural insect repellent. The Naturopathic Doctor couple expanded the range to safeguard their children’s skin, driving the company’s growth. They prioritize overseeing production, ensuring top-notch quality, health-focused ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and fair trade. Their products reach customers locally, across Caribbean islands, and globally through online sales.

The Organic Caribbean Dominican Republic

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, The Organic Caribbean embraces the island’s pristine environment and diverse resources as the heart of its natural skincare journey. Inspired by local fruits and plants, they continuously redefine luxury cosmetics, dedicated to crafting high-quality, naturally beneficial skincare and haircare. Their products, crafted with love and ethically sourced local ingredients, offer a unique Caribbean experience for skin and hair.

Hello Body Belize– Belize

Hello Body Belize is a natural and organic skincare and aromatherapy products company based in Cayo, Belize, founded by Kendra Griffith. The brand offers a range of natural and healthy skin care and aromatherapy products that are safe and non-toxic.

Avalah Inc– St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Haiti

Avalah, a lifestyle brand, was founded by Alexzandra Denis, born in Brooklyn to West Indian parents from St. Vincent and Haiti. With a fashion career at esteemed brands like Calvin Klein, she launched Avalah in 2018. The brand emphasizes affordable luxury and natural products, offering spa-like experiences using materials from the Earth. Their skincare includes shea butter, coconut oil, and Himalayan sea salt, while hair products feature oils like Argan and Jamaican Black Castor. Recognized in various publications, Avalah expanded in 2021 to a Brooklyn office and ventured into the hospitality industry in 2022, partnering with hotels and airports. Eyeing a physical location in 2023, they aim to foster community experiences around their products.

Kalabash Bodycare– Dominica

Sharron, the founder of Kalabash®, creates luxurious artisan soaps, natural bodycare products, and scented soy wax candles, aiming for 100% natural goodness. Inspired by her Windrush parents from Dominica, Sharron’s childhood visit to the island sparked Kalabash®. With a commitment to sustainability and community support post-Hurricane Maria, she launched the brand in 2018, encapsulating Caribbean beauty and holistic self-care in every product.

Sauca Botanicals– Puerto Rico

Sauca Botanicals, a botanical skincare brand, draws inspiration from Puerto Rican and Caribbean flora, emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing. Supporting local agriculture, they prioritize ingredients from small farmers, crafting formulas suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. Founder Karen Albors sees it as a means to celebrate the link between human life and nature through self-care, urging a shift away from superficial beauty ideals towards inner journeys.

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