The Caribbean Food Influencers You Should Be Following On Instagram

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When it comes to Caribbean cuisine, the flavours are bold, vibrant, and delicious. From spicy jerk chicken to refreshing tropical fruits, Caribbean food is a culinary delight that has captured the hearts and tastebuds of food lovers all over the world. Whether you’re a seasoned Caribbean food lover or just starting to explore the flavours of the region, these incredible Caribbean Food Bloggers and Foodstagrammers allow us to explore their country’s cuisine vicariously through their posts. From traditional recipes to innovative creations, they offer a diverse range of dishes that will transport you straight to the sunny shores of the Caribbean. So grab your apron, put on some soca music, and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

1. Tish Wonders– St. Lucia

London-based recipe developer and self-taught cook Tish Wonders, crafts magical dishes from everyday ingredients. Her culinary passion is shared through her e-books and YouTube channel, which features balanced living, meal prep, and recipe videos. Her work, including her Caribbean-inspired recipes, receives high praise for its flavour and simplicity.

2. Althea Brown– Guyana

“Metemgee” is a food blog curated by Althea Brown, a self-taught Guyanese American cook and Whole30 certified coach. The blog offers authentic Guyanese/Caribbean recipes, wholesome remixes, and engaging backstories. Althea’s culinary creations, inspired by the strong women in her family, cater to various dietary preferences and are designed for simplicity and accessibility.

3. RG Vegan Food– Jamaica

“RG” is a self-taught cook whose recipes are largely influenced by the tastes and flavours of Caribbean cuisine. Despite his Jamaican heritage, his culinary inspiration is global. Caribbean meals, a diverse fusion of foods and flavours from continents and cooking styles worldwide, including Africa and India, heavily influence his dishes. Each Caribbean island’s unique dishes, cultural influences, and individual cooking methods are evident in his creations. Yet, his meals maintain a distinct familiarity that characterizes Caribbean cooking – flavorful dishes filled with familiar fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices.

4. This Bago Girl– Trinidad and Tobago

Renz, a mother and blogger, juggles her full-time job, toddler, and blog. Despite the challenges, she’s committed to succeeding in all her roles. Her culinary journey began in college, leading to a love for cooking. Despite initial failures, she honed her skills and now finds solace in the kitchen. Her blog, a hub for Caribbean cuisine, offers easy recipes for busy moms. Renz is proud to share the culinary magic of the Caribbean with a wider audience.

5. Belly Comes First– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Introducing Vee from Bellycomesfirst, a unique food blog with no initial recipes. Raised in a Caribbean country, Vee’s weekends were filled with the aroma of her mother’s baking. Her mother, a West Indian, had a knack for estimating measurements, a trait Vee inherited. Recently, Vee developed a gluten intolerance and adopted a meat-free diet, complicating her food life. Despite these challenges, she hopes her blog can offer help and inspiration to others facing similar issues.

6. Ital Eats and Treats– Jamaica

Meet Tiffany, an American-born child of Jamaican immigrants and the creator of Ital Eats and Treats. A self-taught plant-based chef, she grew up with a passion for cooking. Her journey to veganism began in high school, leading her to remove animal products from her diet. Now, three years into being fully vegan, she enjoys physical well-being and mental clarity.

7. Trini Gourmet– Trinidad and Tobago

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Sarina Nicole founded Trini Gourmet, a kosher blog on Caribbean cuisine. Launched in 2006 after a life-altering accident, she aims to globally promote Trinidad & Tobago’s rich culinary heritage, which she feels is underrepresented and prone to misinterpretation.

8. April Jackson– Jamaica (London-based)

Former Miss Jamaica Universe and BBC’s The Apprentice contestant, April Jackson, was born in London and raised in Jamaica. Her passion for her Jamaican heritage is evident. She established Three Little Birds in Brixton, London, which she later evolved into Wood & Water, presenting a refined British menu with a Jamaican essence. Her culinary journey mirrors her love for food and her island.

9. Jessica Hylton-Leckie – Jamaica

Jessica Hylton-Leckie, is the Jamaican creative behind the successful vegan blog “Jessica in the Kitchen”, boasting over 600 recipes and a 250K+ Instagram following. Her blog offers a variety of simple, delicious vegan recipes. Starting as a law student with a baking blog, Jessica transitioned to a plant-based diet, rebranded her blog, and eventually left her law career to blog full-time. Her Jamaican heritage influences her work, introducing readers to diverse cuisines. Her vegan lifestyle and passion for food shine through her work.

10. Joachim Jammeal– Grenada

Celebrated vegan chef from Grenada, Joachim Jammeal, launched his renowned Beet Burger in 2020, offering innovative plant-based alternatives that captivated people of all dietary preferences. His culinary journey began at the age of 9, learning fundamental cooking skills from his mother and refining them daily at home. His Aloo Pies, initially a side-hustle at his workplace, gained rapid popularity for their delectable taste, leading to the creation of the @joachimjammeal menu. 

11. Iamsimplytia– St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Iamsimplytia stands out as a prominent figure in the culinary landscape of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Renowned for her distinctive and delectable dishes, she has made significant contributions to the local food scene. Her culinary expertise has garnered attention on multiple platforms, showcasing and celebrating the rich and diverse culinary traditions of the Caribbean.

12. Wake Up With Marley– Haiti

Marley Mauvais, a haitian-american content creator focused on plant-based living and self-proclaimed fruit influencer, has built a thriving brand centered around her passion for fruits. Documenting her fruit-inspired health journey initially on her personal blog, she later established dedicated Twitter and Instagram pages under the name “Wake Up With Marley.” The success of her fruit-centric content creation has not only resonated online but has also extended offline, leading to opportunities for paid speaking engagements.

13. Shanique Simpson- Jamaica

Shanique, known as the Kreative Vegan, is an influencer in the plant-based lifestyle space. She imparts her expertise on health and well-being through her website, YouTube channel, and various social media platforms. Renowned for her creations, including wildcrafted sea moss gel and cold-pressed sea moss juices, Shanique not only shares delicious plant-based recipes but also offers valuable insights on wellness, food, and lifestyle through her website.

14. Dine With Your Eyes- Barbados

CJ Niles is a foodie who is passionate about showcasing beautiful food both locally and internationally. She runs a Facebook and Instagram page called Dine With Your Eyes where she shares pictures of food and interacts with her followers.

15. Alica’s Pepperpot- Guyana

Alica’s Pepperpot focuses on Caribbean recipes, culture, and snippets of Alica’s life. Originally from New York City with Guyanese roots the majority of recipes on Alica’s website are heirloom family recipes which she has taken time to document and share to learn and connect with West Indian and Caribbean culture. Her blog is also about preserving her culinary culture through recipes and sharing it with the world. She wants younger generations to have a place to read about the foods that influenced the lives of many Caribbean immigrants and their descendants.

16. That Girl Cooks Healthy- Jamaica

Certified Health Coach Charla, with a catering and hospitality background, founded That Girl Cooks Healthy, a website featuring tasty dairy and gluten-free recipes. Her focus blends modern and traditional Caribbean cuisine, influenced by her upbringing in a household where women passionately cooked traditional island dishes.

17. Avocado Papii- Trinidad and Tobago

Rakeem Parpit, known by the Instagram pseudonym Avocado Papii, is a Trinidadian food enthusiast who is a certified foodie who shares his dining experiences on social media. Working towards a sustainable career in the food industry, he creatively combines his love for food with the influence of social media.

18. Terri-Anne’s Kitchen- St. Lucia

Terri-Ann, a St. Lucian home cook, mother, army wife, and YouTuber, has garnered a substantial following within just two years due to her profound passion for food. After relocating from London to the countryside in 2017, she faced challenges during her husband’s deployments, leading her to discover a fulfilling outlet in cooking. Terri-Ann’s culinary creations are characterized by vibrant, rich flavours and an unmistakable warmth, evoking a sense of familial connection. Beyond her YouTube presence, she extends her offerings to include eBooks, cookbooks, seasonings, and merchandise, promising even more to come.

19. Rendelina Reviews- Trinidad and Tobago

Rendelina Reviews is managed by the dynamic duo Rendel and Melina. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, they generously share their culinary escapades with a captivated audience. In addition to their Facebook and Instagram presence, Rendelina extends their gastronomic journey to YouTube, where their channel, also named Rendelina, showcases engaging videos of their food adventures.

20. Ms. New Foodie- Haiti

Dominique, an avid enthusiast of food and travel, initiated her content creation journey through the Instagram account @ms_new_foodie, primarily showcasing delectable eats in her hometown, New York City. Expanding her scope, she integrated travel experiences, prompting the creation of @thevacationation on Instagram. Embracing the pandemic’s virtual shift, she ventured into TikTok with @msnewfoodie. Leveraging her Journalism degree, her blog complements these platforms with more extensive narratives.

21. Jehan Can Cook– Guyana

Jehan, a passionate food enthusiast hailing from Guyana, embarked on a culinary journey that evolved into a thriving blog. With a love for cooking, baking, and exploring diverse cuisines, Jehan shares authentic Guyanese and Caribbean recipes. Inspired by the absence of accurate measurements in traditional cooking, she strives to make these dishes accessible. As a devoted Stay-at-Home Mom, Jehan cooks, photographs, and writes during nap time, inviting readers to join her on this flavorful adventure.

22. Caribbean Pot– Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidadian chef and author, Chris H De La Rosa, established in 2009 to preserve his cherished Caribbean dishes and family recipes for his children. The website has since expanded, boasting a Facebook page with over 30,000 fans, a newsletter with 26,000 subscribers, and a YouTube channel with approximately 5.6 million views. showcases recipes from various Caribbean islands, with popular dishes like Coconut Curry Chicken, Doubles, and Sorrel Drink. Additionally, Chris offers a cookbook for purchase on the website.

23. WongaGyal– Jamaica

WongaGyal, an energetic venture into culture through cuisine, is curated by Tiana Chung, a Jamaican food blogger. Tiana invites enthusiasts to share in her flavorful journeys, evolving from words and pictures to incorporating local food tours (WongaTours), a blog (, and a podcast (WongaGyal: The Podcast). Her mission is to enable both local and international visitors to Jamaica to embrace the island’s diverse food scene, emphasizing that each bite holds richness beyond just flavour.

24. Madam Always Hungry- Jamaica

Tilly, the creator behind the Instagram food blog madam_alwayshungry, embarked on her culinary journey in 2018 as a creative outlet. Initially unconcerned with followers, she focused on crafting enticing content. Inspired by her travels, Tilly shares visually appetizing dishes, providing details like origin, cost, and recipes. Growing a supportive foodie community, her evolving blog aims to inspire and be inspired, fueled by the love and encouragement from family and friends.

25. Bim Foodies- Barbados

Bim Foodies is a Caribbean food blog that takes you on a culinary journey through Barbados. Run by food enthusiasts Char and Roni, Bim Foodies began amid the pandemic with the bloggers sharing food and delivery menus to help fellow foodies satiate their cravings. Keep up with them on Instagram and TikTok.

26. Bajanplates- Barbados

Meet Rashonda, the culinary enthusiast behind Bajanplates. Besides being a dedicated primary school educator and a proud plant mom, Rashonda is a lover of adventure. Fluent in Spanish, she transitioned from the tourism industry to teaching, discovering her passion for Barbadian cuisine along the way. Bajanplates is Rashonda’s brainchild, born from her constant thoughts about food and the desire to showcase the diverse culinary offerings in Barbados. While harbouring dreams of exploring global food options, for now, Rashonda considers Barbados her playground.

27. Traipse- Jamaica

Traipse emerged in the summer of 2016, initiated by a food enthusiast seeking novel culinary experiences beyond the usual. Born out of a wandering appetite and a penchant for the appetizing, Traipse was created to satisfy the craving for diverse food experiences, reflected in its tagline, “Traipse…for good food.” Catering to home cooks, foodies, and adventurous young adults, the blog encourages exploration through shared ideas, pop-ups, and recommendations, targeting those who, like its founder, crave variety and excitement in their culinary journey.

28. Bean Train– Cuba

Bean Train, named affectionately after blogger Sandi’s mother, a typical Cuban Abuela, is a culinary haven where traditional Cuban recipes are preserved and shared. The blog, initiated to pass down family heritage, features not only Mami’s Cuban delights but also Sandi’s and her children’s creations. Through recipes, stories, and shared kitchen memories, Bean Train strives to connect people, fostering a shared love for preserving the soul-nourishing bonds formed over food. Visitors are encouraged to contribute their family recipes, making it a collective celebration of diverse culinary traditions.

29. Dominica Gourmet- Dominica

Mayma, the owner of Dominica Gourmet, has a deep connection with food rooted in her upbringing on the island of Dominica. During the pandemic, she began documenting her food exploration, initially driven by the need for comfort during uncertain times. Transitioning from convenient work meals, Mayma rediscovered her kitchen, drawing inspiration from her childhood and reconnecting with her Dominican roots.

30. Radikalrose Eats- Grenada

Radikalrose_eats, an Attorney and food blogger situated in Grenada, can be discovered on Instagram under the handle @radikalrose_eats. Sharing her firsthand encounters with local cuisine in Grenada, she extends valuable recommendations on dining establishments worth exploring. She is also the co-founder of Spice Foodie Tours.

31. Naommings- Jamaica

The Naommings Food blog serves as the creative canvas for a culinary artist who delights in both crafting and consuming delectable dishes. With a newfound passion for food photography, the blog evolved from a personal showcase to a space embraced by a growing community of foodies, friends, and family.

32. Love of Yum- Jamaica + Haiti

Miata, a passionate foodie, is the creator behind Love of Yum. With culinary inspiration drawn from 15 countries across 4 continents, her diverse recipes cater to both quick weeknight meals and special holiday dishes. Miata’s kitchen, her happy place, is where she crafts new creations and revives family favourites influenced by her Haitian, Jamaican, and Nigerian heritage. Shaped by the incredible women in her family, Miata’s finely tuned taste buds appreciate the global spectrum of flavours.

33. Annick Mégie- Haiti

Annick Mégie, a Haitian food blogger, photographer, and recipe developer, shares her culinary journey on her blog Tchakayiti. Raised in the hills of Port-au-Prince, Annick’s hiking adventures with her father and friends often intertwined with local gastronomy, shaping her love for Haitian cuisine. Through anecdotes and food shots, she aims to preserve and showcase Haiti’s rich flavors, emphasizing the country’s heart-and-taste-bud-driven cooking style. While not formally trained in culinary arts, Annick passionately compiles a digital gastronomic directory, offering more than just recipes, but a sensory experience of Haiti’s aromas, smells, and tastes.

34. Puerto Rico Eats– Puerto Rico

Myriam Ocasio, the founder and editor of Puerto Rico Eats, is dedicated to showcasing the vibrant culinary scene of Puerto Rico and her global quest for exceptional dining experiences. From street food to fine dining, the platform serves as the island’s most trusted review source, featuring top chefs, mixologists, and winemakers. Based in Puerto Rico, Myriam has garnered media recognition and collaborated with diverse local and international brands, offering unbiased reviews through unannounced visits funded personally. Puerto Rico Eats also provides information on upcoming culinary events and restaurant deals.

35. Sense and Edibility– Puerto Rico

Marta Rivera Diaz, the chef and author of Sense and Edibility®, has crafted a food site to instruct home cooks in the art of cooking, baking, and cocktail-making. Drawing from her diverse cultural background and global travels, Marta shares eclectic and creative recipes with her readers. A resilient Multiple Sclerosis warrior and survivor of a brain aneurysm, she advocates passionately for individuals living with disabilities. Marta’s spare time pursuits include dancing, furniture building, and, naturally, indulging in food.

36. Food For Kash- St. Kitts and Nevis

Kash, a food blogger hailing from the Caribbean island of Nevis, showcases a diverse array of Caribbean recipes, delightful avocado toasts, and flavorful lattes on the Instagram account @foodforkash. The blogger also shares travel content, spanning countries such as India, Colombia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, and the UAE, alongside an abundance of recipes highlighting tropical fruits and vegetables. With over 90,000 TikTok followers, Kash posts engaging videos featuring island cuisine and travel experiences.

37. Island Epicurean- Cayman Islands

Chelsea Tennant, a proud Caymanian, considers herself fortunate to reside in the culinary hub of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands. The unique blend of locals and expatriates contributes to a diverse culinary landscape, featuring classic Caribbean dishes, authentic global cuisine, and inventive fusions from places like Australia, Italy, and Thailand. Originally a personal challenge to explore Cayman’s best restaurants, Chelsea’s page, over the years, has evolved into much more.

38. Vanessa Mota– Dominican Republic

Vanessa, an award-winning food photographer and nationally recognized content creator, is the founder of My Dominican Kitchen. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she grew up in a matriarchal household surrounded by talented cooks. Vanessa’s culinary journey began as a child at the Farmer’s Market with her mom, and observing her grandmother and aunts. She learned to cook during adulthood, pregnant with her first child in New York City, and started the blog to preserve family recipes and showcase the flavors of la comida criolla to the world. She also authored the book The Dominican Kitchen which is available here.

39. My Big Fat Cuban Family– Cuba

Cuban-American blogger, designer, photographer, and cook, Marta Verdes Darby, shares her life, culture, family, and recipes on the blog “My Big Fat Cuban Family.” Born in Havana, Cuba, Marta, the youngest of six, left the island in 1961. With a passion for all things Cuban, particularly food and music, Marta, residing in Southern California with husband Eric and their four children, has been blogging for 16 years, skillfully reinventing traditional Cuban recipes for the modern kitchen.

40. Food Crave JA- Jamaica

Felesha Francis, the force behind Food Crave Ja on Instagram, celebrates her passion for diverse Jamaican cuisines and home-cooked meals. Beyond personal experiences, her blog serves as an honest advertising platform, offering recommendations for dating or casual dining. With plans for expansion and collaborations, Food Crave Ja embodies Felesha’s love for food, honest reviews, and a shared experience for fellow food enthusiasts.

41. Foodie Tales With Zaak- Trinidad and Tobago

Zaak, the creator behind Foodie Tales, hails from Trinidad and Tobago and boasts a substantial presence across Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Specializing in foodie tours, restaurant reviews, and engaging content, they bring the vibrant world of culinary exploration to their diverse audience

42. Cruzan Foodie- St. Croix

Anquanette Gaspard, a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a seasoned freelance writer and blogger. With a rich background in food, travel, marketing, customer service, and research, she channels her expertise into The platform accentuates the culinary culture of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, and beyond. Anquanette’s work has garnered recognition in notable publications including Discover USVI, Experience BVI, EBONY Magazine, Essence Magazine, Marriott Destination,, and others.

43. Yanikie Tucker- Jamaica

Yanikie Tucker, a self-taught chef and food blogger hailing from Jamaica, is widely recognized as Jamdown Foodie. With a passion for cooking, she skillfully infuses Jamaican flavours into diverse dishes. Boasting over 157,000 Instagram followers, Tucker’s posts showcase a range of culinary delights, from ackee with salt fish to jerked pork tacos. Her culinary journey, inspired by her grandmother, began at eight, evolving into a love for cooking that transcends the mere act of eating. Tucker views food as a powerful connector, bringing people together and sparking joy well before the first bite. Beyond sharing recipes, she educates her audience on Jamaica’s indigenous staples, like breadfruit.

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